Mick George strike Gold with their new Constructionline status


With a new Constructionline status of ‘Gold – Level 3’, Mick George Ltd discuss their achievements within the construction industry and how they achieved the new status

There are a whole host of reasons why Mick George Ltd has managed to increase its presence in the Construction industry, not least its simultaneous focus for operational, administrative and legislative matters of concern.

Consequently, the business has managed to progress its Constructionline status to ‘Gold – Level 3’ following their most recent audit, further emphasising the company’s continued efforts to improve its offering across a broad range of contracting services.

What does a Constructionline status mean

Gold Constructionline statusConstructionline is the UK’s largest register of contractors, consultants and material suppliers for the construction industry. With over 10,000 key decision makers from more than 3,800 buying organisations using Constructionline to select quality suppliers, the upgrade will be welcome news to Mick George Ltd as they remain intent on building their profile among the industries elite contractors.

It is with increasing frequency that Tier 1 contractors are stipulating that the ‘Gold – Level 3’ grading is a minimum requirement when selecting support for sub-contractor services on most developments.

Improved ranking

The predominant alteration that has enabled the improved ranking for Mick George Ltd surrounds advancements with relation to equality and diversity, environmental management, quality management, and BIM (Building Information Modelling), over those considered more standard variables.

Anthony McCann, Safety and Environmental Manager at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’We invest a lot of resources to ensure that we are not only compliant with various practices and procedures, but actually surpass expectations. That strategy has assisted in all other areas of our growth and it seems to have paid dividends in this area to.’’

McCann continued: ‘’Delivering a quality service is only possible if you’re given that opportunity to do so, hence why we make sure that we’re accredited with all the major accreditation bodies. This association reflects the excellence the we endeavour to deliver throughout the business.’’


For further information, please visit: www.mickgeorge.co.uk


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