Powerproject Vision: View live project data across all your projects


Elecosoft present Powerproject Vision, delivering a unique solution for contractors with project planners working in dispersed and disconnected environments

Powerproject Vision is a new web portal designed to help bring transparency, control and integrity to Powerproject programmes. Developed with input from the construction industry, Powerproject Vision delivers a unique solution for contractors with project planners working in a dispersed and disconnected environment.

As all programmes are handled in one central location, users can be confident that the right version of the project is being worked on and that the file is being backed up and is available for review from any location. By providing a web-based portal for managing Powerproject plans, Powerproject Vision enables:

  • One access point for all your project data – ensuring one version of the truth
  • Consistent use of corporate project templates for compliance to evolving standards
  • Workflow to provide review, approval and amendment tracking
  • Automated routines to remove labour-intensive steps
  • Up-to-date reports without hours of manual consolidation

REGISTER NOW to see a recorded demo of Powerproject Vision. Or, for a 3-minute overview video and product details click here.

To contact us please email info@elecosoft.com or call +44 (0) 1844 261700.



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