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Fusion Pulse,

Modular building specialist, Wernick’s Greenspace® range includes the popular – and now award-winning – Fusion Pulse® welfare units

Wernick is dedicated to helping their customers lower their carbon emissions. Considerate Constructors recognised this dedication when it awarded Wernick Hire the ‘Environmental Best Practice’ prize at this year’s ‘Ultra Site’ event.

The Fusion Pulse® range of products caught the judges’ attention – they are economical to run and better for the planet than their diesel-only alternatives.

Developed with Wernick Hire’s comprehensive knowledge of the construction industry and specialist manufacturer Genquip Groundhog’s technical expertise, the units substantially reduce the environmental impact of site welfare services.

By utilising a modern solar-powered battery charging facility, the Fusion Pulse® units can reduce your site’s carbon footprint by up to 80% – without compromising on appearance or comfort.

Driving down emissions


The UK construction industry generates a considerable amount of CO2 during the construction of built assets – around 10% of the total figure according to the UK Green Building Council.

Various strategies can improve the level of CO2 that is produced – one of which is reducing construction’s reliance on diesel generators.

Welfare units, which provide eating and changing areas for site operatives as well as toilets and washing facilities, traditionally run on diesel energy.

These generators can use up to 100 litres of diesel a week (based on a 40-hour week) – putting a strain on the environment, the finances of the construction firm and on the generator itself.

The Fusion Pulse® units are different – the Intelligent Solar Technology incorporates a highly efficient 130amp power AGM battery and is charged via intelligent solar power system with built-in controller, backed up by an on-board power unit (silenced generator). This ensures optimum performance is maintained when in use and unmanned.

So, even without the generator running, the LED lighting, heating system and inverter-powered electrical sockets are operational and warm water can be dispensed in the toilet and canteen.

Whilst the energy management system is an important element, every detail from the building fabric to the ventilation system has been designed to lower energy usage.

The carbon savings of choosing Fusion Pulse® over non-eco equivalent products are substantial.

And for those firms who pledge to reduce their emissions for a particular project, this efficiency would make a significant contribution to reaching that goal.

Fusion Pulse,

Considerate accommodation

Eco credentials aside, a wide range of benefits are apparent when you reduce your reliance on a diesel generator.

Fusion Pulse® units are:

  • Quieter
  • More economical – requiring fewer diesel top-ups
  • Easier to maintain and easier to operate
  • Reliable – less reliance on the generator = fewer breakdowns and call-outs

Their many benefits make Fusion Pulse® units a logical choice for any site – even more so in certain scenarios.

For example:
  • Sites with restrictions on noise pollution e.g. built-up urban areas or where staff use the unit overnight e.g. night-time security staff.
  • Sites in remote areas without easy access to fuel or repair services.

Fusion Pulse® units are also a sensible choice for sites looking to gain Considerate Constructors accreditation, as using the units can add extra points to the following areas of the Considerate Constructors assessment;

  1. The appearance of the site
  2. High standards of staff welfare
  3. Reducing the impact of work on the surrounding community
  4. Safety of staff and
  5. Protecting the environment from light and noise pollution

Supporting you

Wernick Hire specialise in temporary accommodation and have invested around £45m into new hire fleet over the past two years. Much of this investment has gone into growing and improving their GreenSpace eco range of accommodation.

Support is available over the phone or via a site visit (Wernick Hire Depots are strategically located to provide coverage to all of England, Scotland and Wales).

We, Genquip Groundhog, regularly train Wernick Hire staff on the Fusion Pulse® units and we provide an operational guide to help staff answer any tricky questions.

Contact the Wernick Hire team and join hundreds of customers who are using their industry-leading welfare units to help create a better working environment and a better planet.


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