ISO-Chemie join Offsite Alliance to support offsite housing sector

offsite housing sector

ISO-Chemie has joined the Offsite Alliance to strengthen its collaboration with building and construction partners and support the offsite housing sector

As the UK offsite housing sector continues to grow despite the impact of the pandemic, as confidence, capacity, and quality in the sector continues to return.

By joining the Offsite Alliance, ISO Chemie will provide technical input and support the growth and development of offsite technologies, product innovation and best practice.

This comes at a time when the role of supply chain collaboration is increasing, driving the ongoing development of an offsite construction market increasingly benefitting from effective and high-performance air-tight and structural window sealing tape solutions at agreed prices.

‘Working collaboratively with the MMC industry’

Andy Swift, sales and operations manager at ISO-Chemie, UK & ROI, commented: “The offsite sector is seeing a strong performance at the moment and rapidly growing. It’s an important market for us, so being a member of the Offsite Alliance will be advantageous.


“It’s a natural step forward to be working collaboratively with the MMC industry, to contribute to raising its profile and standards while helping to deliver the aspirations of the industry.”

Founded in 2019, the Offsite Alliance works alongside leading organisations, industry bodies, government, local authorities, housing associations and its members, to cultivate adoption of offsite technologies across the residential sector.


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