Homes England chair to lead offsite MMC project AIMCH


The Advanced Industrialised Methods for the Construction of Homes (AIMCH) project has named Simon Dudley, interim chair of Homes England, as chair of its stakeholder group

The £6.5m AIMCH project aims to tackle the UK’s housing crisis using cost-effective Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) delivered through industrialised offsite panelised solutions.

The three-year initiative, which has been live since early 2019, has been trialling new digital design tools, manufacturing advancements, improved near-to-market offsite systems and learn site processing on live housing projects over the past 18 months.

Its ultimate goal is to support the sector in delivering 120,000 additional homes a year for the same or less costs than traditional methods, built 30% quicker and with 50% fewer defects.

AIMCH’s stakeholder group provides two-way engagement to disseminate project lessons and outcomes with industry organisations.

Challenges in a post-pandemic economy


Dudley has a wealth of experience in major construction projects, including the regeneration of Maidenhead during his three-and-a-half years as borough leader. He said: “I’m delighted to join as chair of the AIMCH project. The stakeholder group draws together key interests and views, to share learning and concerns, providing a collective approach and wider market impact to drive the uptake of MMC systems.

“AIMCH is forward-thinking and committed to delivering high quality, cost-effective housing. The AIMCH project will have an even greater role to play as the construction sector resets from Covid-19.

“The clear benefits from Modern Methods of Construction will address the challenges faced in a post-pandemic economy made more complex with Brexit and net-zero carbon goals.

“Industrialised offsite panelised solutions will act as a catalyst for a step-change in the industry. Capturing all these benefits through this project are key insights for the industry going forward.”

The AIMCH project is a collaboration between Stewart Milne Group, Barratt Developments, London & Quadrant Housing Trust, Tarmac Trading, the Manufacturing Technology Centre, the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre and Forster Roofing Services.

It is funded by UKRI and project managed by Limberger Associates.


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