The Hill Group acquires Fusion Steel Framing Limited

Steel Framing

The Hill Group has announced the acquisition of Fusion Steel Framing Limited to enhance its position in modern methods of construction (MMC) and offsite fabrication

Fusion Steel Framing Limited is a structural light steel frame manufacturing company with an 80,000sqft advanced manufacturing facility in Northampton.

Under the new management of the Hill Group, the company will focus on designing, manufacturing, and installing structural light steel framing technology in mid-rise developments for apartments, student accommodation and hotels.

The manufacturing facility will also have the capability of providing structural kits for volumetric modules, bathroom/shower pods and prefabricated utility cupboards (PUCs).

The manufacturing operation will focus on capital-intensive roll-forming and assembly of light steel frames using lean manufacturing procedures and processes.

‘Competitive advantage in harnessing the potential of modern methods of construction’


Andy Hill, chief executive at The Hill Group said:

“This further strategic investment gives The Hill Group a competitive advantage in harnessing the potential of modern methods of construction, not only in developing creative new home-building options but also in terms of cost control, surety of supply and quality of finished product.

“We are pleased to be retaining a large proportion of the experienced and valued design and manufacturing team.

“As well as supporting current and future Hill projects, we will ensure the continuation of existing and new contracts, including those with other housebuilders and contractors.

“As part of our goal to reach net carbon zero by 2030 we are innovating and making investments in a range of initiatives that can support our efforts.

MMC and offsite play a major part of the solution to making house-building sustainable

“We see MMC and offsite manufacturing as being a major part of the solution when it comes to making house-building more efficient and sustainable.”

Hill has long been an innovator in MMC through its investment in Volumetric Modular Ltd which constructs specially designed modular homes known as SoloHaus, alongside bathroom pods and prefabricated utility cupboards.

Hill’s investments align with the policy aims of central Government and future funding priorities for Homes England, with both bodies signalling a preference for MMC practices.

The move is also in-line with Hill’s ESG strategy, and the ambitious plans set out within the company’s landmark first ESG report.


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