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Education projects,

It is almost back to school time and what a great opportunity to check out some of the recent education projects delivered by Spatial Initiative, the specialist education arm of leading modular construction company ESS Modular

Abbey Infant School, Smethwick, West Midlands

Abbey Infant School in Smethwick caters for 270 children aged 5-11 years old. The school urgently required a new building as part of the existing building had been condemned in places.

The project involved managing a temporary works design to make the existing school hall safe for use for both school children and staff to use as a dining hall and play facility while demolition was taking place on site.

There were multiple challenges faced by the team, including that the building was situated on a restricted site with single vehicular access via a feeder road and landlocked by residential properties on all sides.

The Spatial Initiative team worked closely with the school to future plan any movements of the site boundary and to maintain a secure site at all times, enabling safe movement of staff and students throughout the works.

The pupils were fascinated by the demolition and the subsequent build and in order to make the experience educational for them, Spatial Initiative installed Perspex windows in the hoarding to allow them to witness all of the action first hand!

Pound Hill Primary School, Pound Hill, Crawley

Pound Hill Junior School is located just off Crawley Lane in Pound Hill, a residential area on the north-eastern outskirts of Crawley. The education project required the construction of a new school to replace the existing older building and temporary units that were being used to house the school’s 360 students.

As the groundworks and construction of the building took place in a live school environment, a significant level of additional planning and scheduling was required. The school is also located in a highly residential area and so ongoing communication with the local community played a key part in the successful delivery of the project.

Once construction of the new school building was completed, the old building was demolished during school holidays. The footprint of the previous school building was then landscaped, complete with a new play area for pupils.


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