A&E Elkins wins £300m deal to deliver modular homes in Greenwich

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The Royal Borough of Greenwich has agreed a £300m contract with A&E Elkins to deliver up to 750 new modular homes

A&E Elkins will deliver council homes across the borough using modular construction under the ACA TAC-1 term alliance form of contract.

A&E Elkins is an alliance with manufacturer Ideal Modular Homes and architect ShedKM.

It will deliver up to 750 affordable rent council homes across 60 sites.

Two sites at former garages have already been granted planning permission for the modular homes.


Greenwich has more than 20,000 people on the housing waiting list with an average wait time of nearly three years.

The project will run for five years with the possible extension for a further five years.

Zero-carbon council homes

Greenwich cabinet member for housing, Anthony Okereke, said: “Employing modular techniques as part of our ‘Greenwich Builds’ programme is allowing us to quickly deliver the high quality and sustainable council homes so badly needed in our borough.

“With plans for construction on 750 new homes to be underway by 2022, we’re excited to be at the forefront of delivering innovative zero-carbon council properties, making good on Royal Greenwich’s commitments to tackling the housing crisis and climate change.”

Founder of Ideal Modular Homes, Luke Barnes, said: “Councils are under constant pressure to deliver affordable housing at a reduced cost, while still delivering on quality.

“This joint venture will see that beautifully designed high-quality homes can be delivered in half the time that traditional methods would.”

Alex Flint, director at shedkm, added: “The new homes look to change the perception towards offsite manufacturing, through carefully crafted and long-lasting materials, and considered internal layouts.

“In addition, we will work alongside the landscape architects to ensure that we create new neighbourhoods with identity and a sense of place, providing the residents with a sense of belonging.”

The first modular homes are expected to be ready by the end of the year.


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