Modular housebuilder to deliver pilot project in Rugby

modular housebuilder, build-to-rent

Master developer Urban&Civic has chosen modular housebuilder TopHat for a pilot project at its Houlton development in Rugby

Modular housebuilder TopHat could provide modular units for build-to-rent homes on Urban&Civic development sites, if the pilot project is a success.

In its latest trading update, Urban&Civic, said: “Following extensive research and due diligence, we have agreed in principle to run a pilot construction programme with TopHat as our modular provider at Houlton.

“Build-to-rent affords considerable potential to increase absorption rates without cutting across core private sales. Modular construction is better suited to the demands of that particular market.

“We are also exploring cost effective methods of delivering build-to-rent using more traditional means. We see the two delivery routes as providing more design flexibility and being complementary.


“Should purchases prove slow to recover post Covid-19, institutional rentals could compensate for any weakened demand for owner occupation.”

About the modular housebuilder

TopHat commenced production in 2018 at its manufacturing facility in South Derbyshire and has been developing technology and manufacturing processes that will shape the UK’s digital construction sector.

In 2019 Goldman Sachs invested £75m into TopHat.

On 22 May, BoKlok UK appointed the modular housebuilder to help deliver part of its first product offering in the UK.

The five-year contract will see TopHat work with BoKlok to manufacture two and three-bedroom modular homes.

TopHat was chosen as a key supply chain partner due to its commitment to quality and sustainability. Its precision-led Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) technology uses sustainable materials in factories to produce high quality homes at pace.


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