Modular ZEDpods development to build 11 homes in Bristol

zedpods development, low carbon housing
Modular ZEDpods

This ZEDpods development proposes to build 11 homes over the Chalks Road carpark, adjacent to St George Park. It pioneers a way to create a 100% affordable and low carbon housing development

A ZEDpod is a new concept in high-quality, rapid build, modular low energy homes that can use air rights above existing land within city centres, such as car parks. The ZEDpods development can be raised above existing car parking spaces, which continue to be available for public parking.

Jez Sweetland, project director of BHF, commented: “I am delighted that this scheme is sufficiently developed that we have been able to submit for planning and are still on track to have these built and occupied before the next planned Bristol Housing Festival public exhibition in October 2019.

“In the context of the housing needs of the city it is important that we find creative ways to use land to test new ideas that can be scaled up to contribute to meeting our city’s housing needs – we also need to show that this can be done quickly as the existing need creates a demand for urgency.”

The homes have been optimised for energy efficiency and the lowest possible running costs, with solar panels to generate renewable electricity in the day, quiet running heat pumps for low energy heating, controlled ventilation which recovers usable heat from inside the building whilst bringing in fresh air, triple glazing, LED lighting and energy efficient appliances.


This environmental and social focused development will deliver much needed affordable housing in the area for young people. By creating a mixture of tenures, a new community model will be created to ensure that the support networks are in place for the tenants.

The scheme will offer something truly innovative, a first for the city and of its kind in the UK. The development rethinks existing land use, often in central locations, demonstrating a new possibility in helping solve the housing crisis, whilst at the same time providing beautiful, low carbon housing.


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