NHBC has welcomed BoKlok to its acceptance scheme, which will help build confidence in innovative construction and enable MMC systems to be fast-tracked for warranty

As part of the new service, a detailed and robust technical review at key stages has resulted in the provision of a certificate (and acceptance for NHBC warranty), usage licence for a bespoke NHBC Accepts logo and listing on the NHBC Accepts web pages alongside other accepted systems.

BoKlok, which is jointly owned by IKEA and Skanska, originated in the Nordics and completed its first home in 1997, it has now built more than 11,000 homes throughout Sweden, Finland and Norway.

It launched in the UK last year and is on track to build over 400 homes in the South West of England.

BoKlok Flex UK

BoKlok’s modular system is a volumetric timber frame system. Homes are completed offsite in a safe and dry environment using a smart and industrialised process.


The completed quality homes are manufactured offsite and thereafter transported to the construction site for assembly. This enables high quality, low and predictable costs and minimum waste.

Confidence in home development

NHBC’s, innovation manager, Richard Lankshear, said: “Following a thorough review process we are delighted to welcome BoKlok to NHBC Accepts.

“An NHBC Accepts certificate is a way of demonstrating that innovative products or systems have already been reviewed by NHBC thus reducing the risk of delays on site.

“NHBC Accepts will play a critical role in ensuring developers, manufacturers, lenders and consumers have faith and confidence in MMC quality as the industry delivers more innovative new homes for the country.”

Noel Sheehan, BoKlok housing director, added: “We are very pleased to have been given a seal of approval for NHBC Accepts.

“We use quality materials and build with well-proven methods to ensure sustainable homes.

“We hope that this additional accreditation will provide further confidence in our home development to our customers and the wider industry.”


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