Raynsford Review

CPRE react to interim report of the Raynsford Review

CPRE welcomes a new interim report by former housing minister Nick Raynsford reviewing the planning system in England, which will be presented to the House of Lords today (15 May)
affordable housing

UK councils in dire need for affordable housing

A report conducted by the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) suggests that 63% of UK councils are struggling to secure affordable housing due to deregulation of planning and lack of investment.

Affordable Housing: A Focus on Construction

The Homeowners Survey of 2018 states that people living in the UK today are more concerned about property prices and availability of homes than they were 5 years ago. With home quality also a concern these findings equate to an overall lack of confidence in the housing sector

Report reveals record planning permissions granted in 2017

The latest housing pipeline report from HBF and Glenigan has revealed that planning permissions were granted for over 350,000 new homes in 2017, offering a clear demonstration of the commitment of housebuilders to deliver even more new homes in the years to come
Ebbsfleet Green

Ebbsfleet Garden City gains 205 further homes

Planning permission has been approved for a further 205 homes to be built in Ebbsfleet Garden City
planning permission

Study reveals the ‘easiest’ and ‘hardest’ places to gain planning permission

A recent survey by home improvement professionals at Everest gathered geographical data by DCLG to reveal the 10 areas most likely to accept or decline minor planning permissions
Planning Risk and Development

Industry leaders say automatic building will not speed up housing delivery

According to planning and built environment experts interviewed for a study commissioned by the RTPI, attaching automatic planning permission to housing land allocated in local plans in England would have limited impact on increasing the supply of homes
Housing crisis

Addressing the housing crisis through creative reforms

Could changing planning rules to make it easier for homeowners to build upwards help to tackle the UK’s housing crisis? Paresh Raja of Market Financial Solutions takes a look
Planning enforcement

Planning enforcement: Refreshing NAPE services for members

Neil Whittaker, new chair of the RTPI National Association for Planning Enforcement, outlines his wholesale review of services to give members more practical resources, closer to where they are
large sites

Planning gap review to focus on large building sites

Initial findings from the official Government review into the gap between planning permission for new homes and those being built suggests there are issues connected with major developers building large numbers of properties on large sites
planning reforms

Government launches new planning reforms to deliver homes for everyone

Theresa May has launched new planning reforms to maximise the use of land, strengthen protections for the Green Belt and put greater emphasis on converting planning permissions into homes, to help deliver the homes the country needs
Planning Delivery Fund

Planning Delivery Fund to accelerate new homes

New funding to help accelerate planning decisions and deliver quality new homes has been announced by Housing Minister Dominic Raab today (24 February)

Ion submit planning application for i9 office building

Liverpool property developer, Ion, has submitted a Planning Application for the proposed i9 building on Railway Drive, Wolverhampton
planning permission

Over 423,000 homes with planning permission waiting to be built

According to recent research, over 423,000 homes which have received planning permission are still waiting to be built

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