A stainless steel 3D printed bridge takes shape in Amsterdam


The full span of a stainless steel 3D printed bridge to cross one of Amsterdam’s oldest and most famous canals has been completed

MX3D has equipped four industrial robots with purpose-built tools and developed the software to print the 12.5m long, 6.3m wide bridge over a period of six months.

The goal of the project is to showcase the potential applications of multi-axis 3D printing technology.

Load testing will now take place to check the structural integrity of the bridge.

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Project team: MX3D, Joris Laarman Lab, Arup, ArcelorMittal, Autodesk, Heijmans, Lenovo, ABB Robotics, Air Liquide & Oerlikon, and TMS and TU Delft.

Completion: 2019


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