Architect Anthony Pettorino banished from Architects Register


The Architects Registration Board’s (ARB) Professional Conduct Committee has erased Anthony Pettorino of AJP Architects Ltd from the register following unacceptable conduct

A hearing of ARB’s Professional Conduct Committee on 10 January 2020 led to the erasure of Anthony Pettorino of AJP Architects Ltd.

The PCC heard that Pettorino had been instructed to design and contract manage the renovation of his client’s property.

It was alleged that Pettorino:

  • Had not entered into a written agreement with his clients which adequately covered the terms of engagement;
  • Did not have adequate and appropriate insurance in place to meet a claim;
  • Had not provided an effective service and/or worked to fit the brief in a timely manner;
  • Had not managed the purchase of materials effectively;
  • Had not communicated adequately;
  • Had not managed his business appropriately and/or reported the liquidation of his company to the Architects Registration Board.

Anthony Pettorino of AJP Architects admitted these allegations and accepted they amounted to unacceptable professional conduct (UPC).

It was also alleged that Pettorino had not managed conflict of interest appropriately; acted dishonestly and/or without integrity by using client monies for his own benefit; had not returned money for goods/services not delivered and had not maintained and/or provided adequate records of costs.

He denied these allegations.

PCC sanction

The PCC considered the failings were serious and had placed the client at risk. It concluded the failures, both individually and collectively, amounted to UPC.

When considering sanction, the PCC noted that Pettorino had no adverse regulatory history and had expressed regret for the failings. However, in view of the fact that Anthony Pettorino’s actions were deliberately dishonest – the PCC considered this was sufficiently serious so as to diminish not only his own reputation but that of the profession as a whole.

Furthermore, even though he had indicated he would not undertake further building contract management projects, because Pettorino had demonstrated poor insight and awareness of his professional obligations, the PCC also considered there remained a risk of unacceptable professional conduct being repeated in other areas of his work.

Given these circumstances the PCC decided the protection of the public and the reputation of the profession required that Pettorino be erased from the Architects Register.


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