The benefits of using timber products from start to finish

timber products

Timber frame products offer a number of benefits from design to construction and innovation

Paramount Timber Group is the leading manufacturer of timber frame and engineered timber products for construction in the UK.

We are facilitating the transformation of the UK construction industry by providing a commercial and sustainable solution to housebuilding that is so desperately needed.

Our designs and timber products offer a solution to developers who are responding to housing needs. Timber frames can be constructed in short time frames, at a lower cost and significantly lower in carbon emissions.

The demand for housing is only increasing and the industry is short on time to construct, manufacture and provide. Alongside the demand, there is a multitude of criteria that is essential when critiquing the construction industry. However, timber frames offer a solution whether it be due to time restraints, environmental impact or cost efficiency.

Timber frame construction saves time

The timber frame is preconstructed offsite, saving time, money and energy. External finishes can be applied instantly after the frame and roof have been erected. The waiting times between additional contractors can be removed by utilising the range of timber panels. This allows for speed not only in construction but in terms of delays.

Timber products are high quality

The production of timber frames takes place in a controlled, offsite environment following precise management systems. Strict guidelines are adhered to from design to installation so you can be assured of a quality product.

Timber is a natural material

Timber is a natural material and will therefore give a natural feel to the build. It is a safer material to work with due to features such as its non-toxicity. In addition to this, timber is a “lock-in” for CO2, allowing the builds to be more environmentally friendly.

Timber frames are sustainable

Sustainability is at the forefront of the industry’s innovations and creations. Our planet is relying upon us to use natural resources to build with, without increasing the negative impact. Traditional masonry builds tend to rely upon the use of raw materials, which deplete non-renewable resources.

Timber is a totally renewable material, available worldwide. An increased use of wood productions in construction could result in a 14%-31% reduction in global CO2, allowing the industry to reverse its impact on the world to date.

Timber is a versatile material

With timber, there are no design limits. Trends and styles go with the wind and we as consumers are at the height of creativity when it comes to our homes. You have the scope to work with your environment to make the best out of your build.

The amount of land that we have to build on is limited. Timber frame builds can often be erected on ground not necessarily suitable for more traditional means of construction. Therefore, you’re scope and options to build is greater.

Timber has high durable properties

The materials have high durable properties, so builds are easier and cheaper to maintain over time. Due to precision engineering, the strength allows for timber to far outperform more traditional means of masonry building, while retaining lightweight and malleable properties.

Timber is energy efficient

It’s more important now than ever before for the industry to prioritise energy efficiency. A well-insulated home uses less energy and is therefore cheaper to run. Timber is a natural insulator and therefore a great cost-effective choice for an energy efficient building.

As timber construction allows space for insulation, it can significantly reduce the energy required to heat and cool your building – a viable option regardless of your climate.

It is essential for the construction industry to consider its impact on the world we live in. At Paramount Timber Group, we live by this ethos and are committed to Building for Tomorrow. No matter the scale of the project, from a staircase to a new home, we can offer certified, sustainable and legal timber sources.


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