Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham voted best areas to sell a house

sell a house

A new monthly report has revealed the best and worst places in England and Wales to sell a house

According to PropCast‘s England and Wales Top 10 Property Hotspot Report, Bristol and Manchester are the best areas to sell a house in.

Birmingham comes in at a close second with a 12% increase in annual buyer demand and Bristol and Birmingham have four locations each in the report’s top 10 sellers’ markets.

The report lists the following postal codes as the most desired buyer destinations: Bristol BS5, Manchester M32, Bristol BS3, , Sheffield S18, Birmingham B27, Bristol BS6 Birmingham B34, Birmingham B37, Bristol BS4 and Birmingham B28.

Contrastingly, it is not surprising to find that locations in London takes up most of the reports worse places to sell a property, with buyer demand also dropping in Liverpool.

And overall, annual buyer demand in England and Wales has fallen by 4.8%.

The study examines buyer demand by calculating the number of properties for sale and working out the percentage of these that are under offer or sold subject to contract.

PropCast’s creator and professional property seller, Gavin Brazg, said: “By noting where’s ‘hot’ (sellers’ market) and where’s ‘not’ (buyers’ market), PropCast can help homeowners determine how ‘quick and easy’ or ‘slow and hard’ it will be to sell their homes.

“With eight of this month’s hottest postcodes being in Bristol and Birmingham, these property markets are on fire.

“Homeowners here have it easier than elsewhere to sell as the balance of power is skewed in their favour because there are more buyers than homes for sale.

“However, sellers in a cold buyers’ market, particularly London, should not be downhearted because it’s still absolutely possible to sell well.

Buyers are out there; they’re just more price and condition sensitive. The key to success is to identify the homes that are your direct competitors, and then position your home so it represents the best value for money.”


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