How Premier Guarantee ensures developer and builder quality

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We take a look at how building warranty experts, Premier Guarantee improve build quality and help increase the quality of new homes across the UK

The New Homes Ombudsman will be compulsory for developers to join and will have statutory powers to award compensation, ban developers and order poor building work to be fixed.

Structural warranty provider, Premier Guarantee is constantly striving to update their service offering to customers, with the sole purpose of improving build quality and in turn increasing the quality of new homes across the UK.

Extranet portal

Premier Guarantee’s Extranet has been up and running for well over a year now, but recent additional functionality has made it even more useful to builders and developers.

Customers can now:

  • Print Certificates of Insurance – If there are no outstanding actions relating to a plot and all validations are met then customers can print their own Certificates of Insurance, saving time on waiting for that all important documentation.
  • Filter actions relating to individual plots – Another useful function is the ability easily filter necessary actions on individual plots, allowing customers to quickly act upon and close these.
  • Use a ‘Whatsapp’ style audit trail – Status of plots can be viewed as a Whatsapp style audit trail, enabling quick and easy access to important information.
  • Download outstanding technical and non-technical actions – These can be downloaded in Excel format and shared with third-party contractors, allowing for better sharing of vital information.
  • View outstanding payment information – Making life easier and ensuring there are no nasty surprises at the end of the process.
  • Reporting – With the use of tablets on site, surveyor site reports instantly sync to the Extranet. Not only does this save the surveyor time on admin, meaning that they can spend more time on site with customers, but it also allows customers to view, in real-time, any actions for their site.

Technical standards

Specific to your build type, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, the company’s technical standards, which are outlined in its industry accredited Technical Manual, provide comprehensive and expert guidance.

In-house technical and surveying staff

With a Technical Training Department and a national network of local surveyors, Premier Guarantee’s customers have a wealth of technical knowledge and experience at their disposal.

Building Control

As one of only a few building warranty experts that was granted independent public liability insurance to also provide Building Control, its building control service goes hand in hand with structural warranties; providing the same technical expertise and quality service, with the advantage of having both services under one roof.

As an Approved Inspector, Premier Guarantee can provide you with Building Control even if you use another company for your structural warranty, and vice versa.

Homeowner feedback

Via the New Homes Review –  which provides a unique, independent insight into the quality of new homes being built for sale and the level of customer satisfaction, based on feedback directly from new homeowners – information is collated, analysed and fed back to developers, builders and the new homes construction industry as a whole through the NHR annual report.

You can enquire about Premier Guarantee’s services here.


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