Under construction: research shows what kind of homes are being built


New research from the NHBC has revealed the type of properties under construction across the country…

The National House Building Council (NHBC) has unveiled a varied picture of the type of properties that have been built across the UK.

Figures for the year to date showed stark differences in the type of accommodation constructed in different areas around the country.

According to the data, London saw the most number of flats constructed, with nine out of 10 new homes registered as apartments.

The picture in the North East was significantly different, with almost half of all new builds registered as detached homes, while the Isle of Man saw the greatest number of bungalows.

Despite construction output experiencing a slightly weaker October, the NHBC said the number of new homes registered with them had risen nine per cent when compared to the previous year. This means 117,525 new properties were registered to September 2015, while only 108,118 were registered in the same period during 2014.

Flats, which dominated the market in London, have seen a steep decline across the rest of the country over the past seven years. However, there has been a national increase in the number of detached homes registered.

PRP Architects Chairman Andy von Bradsky said: “[The results for London] are not that surprising.

“What we have found is that when small family houses have been built against the trend, as at Chobham Manor near the Olympic Village, they have been extremely popular; there is a widespread shortage of family housing in London.

“The latest accessibility requirements for all Category 2 & 3 homes with step-free access will render some typologies such as stacked maisonettes unworkable and exacerbate the problem.”


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