[VIDEO] Last cooling towers demolished at Eggborough station


DSM Demolition has successfully demolished the last four cooling towers at the former Eggborough Power station plant in Goole, North Yorkshire

The demolition of the cooling towers at the former Eggborough Power station will make way for a new mixed-use regeneration scheme.

The site is earmarked for development by St Francis Group and Marshall Commercial Development Projects.

The blowdown took place at 9am within the perimeter of a secured 350m diameter exclusion zone to safeguard the public and third parties.

Over 50 DSM employees closed localised roads and implemented an exclusion zone supported by officers from North Yorkshire Police.

DSM worked closely with Northern Gas networks and National Grid to ensure uninterrupted gas and electricity supplies to the local area.

The 90m high towers were only 60m distance from the National Grid sub-station open switch gear and overhead lines, this required meticulous planning and protective measures to ensure that the works did not impact continuing operations.

Prior to the Eggborough Power station demolition, DSM met with local councillors to discuss the works approach and to emphasise its prime safety concerns.

‘Planned, co-ordinated and implemented safely’

DSM project manager, James Fincham, said: “18-months of planning and work on site to achieve what has been accomplished today is a testament to the demolition team on site and all involved with the project.

“Plans and preparation are now well underway for the further demolition works to be undertaken in 2022.”

St Francis Group director of operations, Simon Dale, added: “On behalf of St Francis Group and Marshall CDP, I would like to thank the DSM team for their successful and safe implementation of our second explosive event at the former Eggborough Power Station plant.

“The team have worked diligently over the past few months to ensure the event was planned, co-ordinated and implemented safely.

“The removal of all 8no cooling towers is a significant milestone for the development, and we look forward to working further with DSM and others to regenerate this site and create economic development for the region.”


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