Facilities management: The smarter choice for businesses


Mick George’s Stuart Costello explains why facilities management is a necessity for many businesses and how it can help improve efficiency

When we stereotype ‘the professional business’ in an idyllic sense, many of us will associate them with the utmost of efficiency, perceiving them to pay attention to every ounce of detail that could possibly affect the brand and its balance sheet.

However, it seems we’re being deceived. Although commercially minded by nature, there are many operations that aren’t functioning in such a manner, which is significantly hindering their profitability.

Regardless of the sector from which a company operates, there are numerous indistinguishable variables that need appropriately managing for proficiency to be achieved, allowing them to perform the services in which they specialise to the highest of standards.

One of the most vital components where financial leakages exist, is the ‘fixed premises’ asset, such as an office, warehouse or retail environment. Regardless of which category, they each have the same dependencies, but equally, face similar disruptive and inconvenient dilemmas that interrupt the day-to-day running of a business and ultimately affects sales and profitability.

Looking to rectify such challenges is Mick George Ltd. Already providing a multitude of service provisions across varied disciplines, the business has spotted a gap in the market and has decided to bundle its offerings together, producing an all-encompassing ‘Facility Management’ package.

The concept is not too dissimilar to that provided in isolation by other firms, but the huge benefit here is the ability to amalgamate multiple services, that wouldn’t be conceived possible anywhere else. From waste management, building and grounds maintenance, electrical or plumbing installations, right through to regulatory asbestos surveys, they’ve got it covered and can provide a bespoke package just for you.

Facilities management: The smarter choice for businesses

A tailored approach

Recognising that each commercial outfit will require differing levels of service, Mick George Ltd has cleverly devised three separate annual contract types, which correspond to the degree of interaction that the company has with its clients. Irrespective of which agreement is reserved, the new 24hr response service is sure to be a major advantage.

Many high profile organisations are already using the service, they consist of large multinational chains such as Subway, to regional football clubs like Cambridge United FC, right through to independent parties like Huntingdon Racecourse.

Abigail Johnson, Commercial Manager at Mick George Ltd, commented: “As a business, we possess a wealth of skill sets, so the ‘Facility Management’ provision was a natural progression. We established quickly that there was an opportunity to offer a collective ‘suite’ of services that would prove beneficial for many commercial clients, preventing them to seek remote assistance for issues related to the workplace.

“Clients can have complete peace of mind that their works are being completed by a reputable brand, but more importantly the appreciation that they no longer have the time and cost inconvenience of trawling for several resources to resolve any issues.”


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Mick George

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