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Frank Kelly, Chief Executive of UK Flood Barriers, takes a look at the company’s development and industry-leading flood defence solutions

2017 sees UK Flood Barriers celebrating its 10th anniversary. In those 10 years, the Worcestershire-based company has blazed the trail in flood defence, innovating, developing and growing to become the country’s leading flood defence specialist.

Working closely with end clients such as the Environment Agency and local authorities, as well as main scheme contractors, UKFB provides end-to-end project management services supporting all stages of the contract delivery process including survey, product specification, installation, client/customer communication and ongoing maintenance.

Industry-leading flood defence solutions

The in-house team of specialist designers, engineers and project managers work with clients across a range of sectors to develop and deliver industry-leading flood mitigation solutions, including the unique Self-Activating Flood Barrier, market-leading Steel Security, Fire & Flood Doors and new, state-of-the-art OMO (One Man Operational) Flood Gates.

The Self-Activating Flood Barrier (SAFB), which has most recently been installed in New York, USA, to protect a hospital, is a highly effective and efficient flood defence option for communities or infrastructure. The SAFB, which has proven success, has zero operational cost as it uses approaching floodwater to activate it automatically, and is stored underground so there is no visual impact on the environment around it.

One Man Operational Flood Gates are versatile, have low maintenance requirements and no prohibitive ongoing expenses. The Kitemark-certified Steel Security, Fire & Flood doors are a perfect option for commercial or industrial premises in flood risk areas.

Domestic flood protection

As well as designing, manufacturing and installing innovative flood defence solutions to protect communities and vital infrastructure both at home and abroad, UKFB also delivers property-level resilience to thousands of homes and businesses across the UK every year.

Contemporary flood mitigation measures such as flood doors, windows and automatic airbricks, complemented with sewage protection and sump and pump systems, mean that properties can be holistically protected with no visual impact.

Testing products

To both test and demonstrate the products in action, UKFB has an on-site test tank facility that features a Self-Activating Flood Barrier, an industrial Flood Gate and the Flood House, which allows visitors to experience flood conditions from inside a fully protected house.

To arrange a visit to the testing facility, or for further information on any of the products or services that UK Flood Barriers can offer, please get in touch.


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