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Architect and TV presenter George Clarke has launched a national challenge for young people in Scotland to design an extension to the Resource Efficient House in Glasgow

The Channel 4 TV presenter joined Jacqueline Schindler of Tigh Grian Ltd and Robert Cowie of ÜserHuus Ltd, the creators of the Resource Efficient House, at a webinar hosted by Caitriona Jordan of the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC), to launch the challenge to schools and colleges.

The challenge is being run by the City of Glasgow College, the Energy Skills Partnership (ESP) and George’s education charity for young people, MOBIE (the Ministry of Building Innovation and Education).

The Resource Efficient House was assembled in 2013 at the Building Research Establishment’s Ravenscraig site.

It is a ground-breaking, sustainable and affordable family home of the future that includes the latest green technologies.

It was purposely designed to be deconstructed and moved to a new site and it is now time for it to be relocated to the centre of Glasgow and retrofitted with the latest technology.

The challenge invites schools and colleges from across Scotland to design an extension to the Resource Efficient House, to provide a beautiful, green and healthy living space for its occupants.

College students are also being asked to plan the dismantling and relocation of the house to the centre of Glasgow and to upgrade the building with the latest smart technology and services to make it more energy-efficient and zero carbon.

Homes of the future ‘must look after our planet’

George Clarke said: “MOBIE is all about the future of home design in Britain and across the world.

“I am delighted to be launching this exciting challenge, the first MOBIE challenge for young people in Scotland, with our partners the City of Glasgow College and the Energy Skills Partnership.

“We all need a shelter and our home is the most important piece of architecture in our lives.

“But home is more than just a shelter, it is a place that enhances the quality and experience of our everyday lives and our health and well-being.

“That is why we are asking students to think about designing an extension for and relocating the Resource Efficient House, so they are thinking about new technologies and approaches to buildings that can help us become zero carbon.

“By harnessing the talents, ideas and energy of the young people of today we can change the way we build homes.

“The amazing student designs that I know will flow from this challenge will show that we have a future generation with the talent and the imagination to really make a difference for people and the planet.”

The design competition is open to young people aged between 11 and 25.

The deadline for entries is 28 June 2021.


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