Government provide hundreds of new homes for military families

military families

322 new homes have now been opened in Tidworth, Wiltshire (26th February) that had been purposely built with military families in mind

The large, three and four bedroom properties will provide comfortable living spaces for military families and surround spacious green areas for children to play.

Major Gen Richard Wardlaw OBE, Director Basing and Infrastructure said:

This investment shows our commitment in providing modern, first-class accommodation for our service personnel and their families.

I hope all living on the Ashdown Estate enjoy their new homes and also benefit from the investment ‘behind the wire’ providing new working and training facilities.

Funded by the The Army Basing Programme, over £1 billion has been invested into an additional development. Sailsbury Plain will house 4,000 troops and military families returning from Germany by 2019.

The Ministry of Defence will build over 1,300 new homes, 2,600 bed spaces for single soldiers and nearly 250 buildings for offices, garages, workshops and mess facilities for military families to enjoy.

The Salisbury Plain developments will greatly contribute to the local economy whilst providing comfortable facilities and opportunities to the armed forces.

Guto Bebb, Minister for Defence Procurement said:

“The Defense Estate is where our serving personnel live, work and train. It’s not just a place to live, but a community and it is essential that our Armed Forces families can feel at home wherever they are posted.

That is why I am proud to support this new development of first class homes for those who sacrifice the most for our nation.”



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