‘Green steel’ to disrupt building approach


Steel and mining multinational ArcelorMittal has launched a “radical and disruptive” new concept for the use of steel in construction, designed to cut costs and environmental impact of building construction

Termed ‘Steligence’, the approach is aimed at creating a more sustainable life-cycle for buildings and involves taking a more ‘holistic’ view of their design and construction, ArcelorMittal said.

The green steel guidance proposes better dialogue and cooperation between suppliers and stakeholders throughout the design phase of projects, as well as better collaboration across supply chains.

Additionally, the company argues that as steel is recyclable, the Steligence approach can help architects consider the life-cycle, recyclability and reusability of a building at the earliest point in the design process.

Such an approach is now possible because of recent advances in steelmaking technology which make it “an even more attractive material for construction than was previously the case”, the firm explained.

Greg Ludkovsky, ArcelorMittal’s global head of research and development, said the Steligence approach was based on several years of scientific research intended to develop specific-use steel for the construction industry.

Ludkovsky said: “As climate, energy and resource scarcity intensifies, win-win solutions like Steligence become imperative for business and society at large.

“Buildings play a huge part in all our lives, so creating a construction concept that improves their social, economic and environmental impact while dramatically enhancing their functionality and aesthetics has been a huge but important challenge.”

Ludkovsky added that the firm had “landed on a radical new approach to construction which is underpinned by a clear philosophy: to build a sustainable business around a sustainable construction industry that delivers for future generations”.


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