Guidance urges designers to consider “bin blight”


The National House Building Council Foundation has called for designers to consider the visual impact of bins and waste facilities when planning new homes…

Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles has welcomed new guidance aimed at encouraging designers and builders to avoid creating “bin blight” when developing new properties.

The guidance, which was put forward by the National House Building Council Foundation, also called for developers to ensure bin blight solutions were low maintenance, safe, and convenient for families.

The changes, which were encouraged by ministers, are set to be incorporated into new statutory guidance that will be published next month.

Pickles said: “This government is committed to tackling the scourge of ‘bin blight’. Far too many of our streets are still dominated by the ugly clutter of unsightly bins, which ruin the look of families’ homes and gardens.

“This common sense guide, backed up by revised planning rules and building regulations, will help ensure that the housing industry raises their game when building new homes.

“Families deserve a comprehensive waste and recycling service in return for the taxes they pay and as part of this they should not have to suffer bin blight in their local neighbourhood.”


  1. Perhaps to LA’s should think about the policy of requiring so many bins. In Bristol we have a minimum of 4 bins / boxes.
    I believe in Perth, Scotland, the refuse is sorted at the tip.
    Collections involve large numbers of vehicles that block roads and hence waste fuel .


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