Housing delivery barriers are a source of frustration for small developers


A new survey has revealed small housing developers in Scotland are frustrated by the “myriad of obstacles and barriers” they face

Housing remains a key focus for both the UK government and devolved parliaments. However, while much has been done to make it easier for homes to be built challenges still remain. This sentiment was relayed in a new survey, which revealed small housing developers in Scotland are frustrated by the barriers they face during projects.

The poll was aimed at discovering the future building expectations of small housing developers. It asked respondents what barriers they expected to face during the development process and how these could be addressed.

The findings have now been put forward in a report from the Scottish government.

Small developers face a series of hurdles

According to the results of the survey, one of the most frustrating issues facing small developers is related to finance. This was followed by problems with section 75 of the planning agreement process, as well as wider issues with the planning system.

Furthermore, respondents revealed they experienced significant issues getting utilities installed on site.

These problems, respondents said, could cause a loss of income as well as uncertainty over the long term viability of their business.

Among the things respondents thought needed to be done to tackle these issues was more help from central government with finances and greater cooperation from local government and utility providers.

More details of the report can be found here: ‘Small Housing Developers in Scotland: Views on outputs & future prospects; obstacles and solutions to building and Help to Buy Schemes’


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