Former Coventry pub to be transformed into 5G digital space

Coventry site, jaguar pub,

A new 5G digital space will transform Coventry’s jaguar pub site into a performance and education venue in plans to revamp the post-war Corporation Street

The proposed works to the former jaguar pub will be made possible following a £5m award of programme funding from Coventry City Council’s Cultural Capital Investment Programme to the Belgrade Theatre Capital Project.

Transforming the jaguar pub site will complete the third phase of Belgrade’s works, which has so far included a full refurbishment of the main auditorium and a much-improved café.

The final phase is being delivered through a partnership between Complex Development Projects (CDP) and the Belgrade Theatre.

Work is due to complete later this month on the repurposing of the former jaguar pub in Corporation Street as a new digital space for young people and enable the creation of shared working, and two apartments.

A great new space for young people

Jim O’Boyle, Coventry City Council’s cabinet member for jobs and regeneration, said: “This is a really exciting project to complement the work that has already been completed on Corporation street. This will be a great new space, particularly for young people as it is created for outreach and it will be theirs to use.

“It will mean that we will be able to enjoy some truly cutting-edge performances using the very latest tech available, once more putting the city at the forefront of emerging technologies and using them in really interesting ways.

“Not only will we see the addition of a new creative space and café bar, but we’re also keen to see how we can add some new homes into the area and maintain a permanent pocket park next door.

“There has been lots going on in the city centre and this is another example of how we can successfully combine the best of the old and the best of the new.”

Vera Ding, general manager at the Belgrade, added: “The whole team at Belgrade are thrilled by this exciting development.

“‘The Jag’ will be a ground-breaking space for Coventry and a much-needed safe space for at-risk youth to benefit from emerging technologies.

“It will integrate digital and physical interaction, providing young people with opportunities to meet and learn whilst forming a pipeline into employment opportunities.

“This fully flexible ‘plug and play’ space is an exciting new performance, education and rehearsal facility that will improve the future sustainability of the Belgrade.”


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