London City Airport expansion blocked by mayor


A bid worth £220m to double the capacity of London City Airport has been blocked by the mayor of London Boris Johnson…

Concerns regarding noise pollution was one of the major reasons behind the refusal of plans to expand London City Airport.

Boris Johnson, mayor of London, rejected a £220m bid to double capacity, despite Newham Council giving the go ahead in February.

The plans would have seen the existing terminal developed to three times the size, as well as a new taxi-way installed. The Royal Docks site in East London would have also benefited from seven extra parking stands for larger aircraft.

Additional plans would have also seen a six-storey four-star hotel erected, if approved by the mayor.

It was estimated the investment would have created up to 500 new construction jobs, and would have enabled the operation of 110,000 flights each year—40,000 more than current capacity allows.

Permission had been granted by the council on the basis that noise disturbance would be limited via measures such as imposing flight restrictions, erecting a noise barrier, and funding soundproofing packages for residents.

A spokesperson for Johnson said the scheme would have increased noise for East Londoners to an unacceptable level, without adequately benefiting the city. However, officials at the airport said the expansion would have delivered an additional £750m per annum to the UK economy.

Chief Executive Officer of London City Airport Declan Collier said: “It is ironic that the Mayor of London, whose platform has always been one of advantage for business in London, is denying the capital the business opportunity presented by growth at London City Airport.

“It is doubly ironic that this decision was taken on LCY’s busiest-ever day , when more than 16,500 passengers passed through the terminal.”


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