Procurement specialists break £1bn social value mark


Procurement specialists, Pagabo, have announced more than £1bn in its measurement of social value, according to financial year end figures

Pagabo, who operate nationwide, are the first UK public sector procurement provider to achieve such £1bn across the three pillars of sustainability – social, economic and environmental.

The milestone comes at a time when the company is forging strategic links with Social Profit Calculator. For Pagabo, the new partnership enables instant monitoring and reporting of collective community benefits to all its construction clients.

In addition, social impact in the employment sector points to the creation of 691 new jobs through Pagabo frameworks, as well as 468 work placement positions and 173 apprentices.

Further evidence revealed that the north (£420m) and London and the south-east (£427m) accounted for almost 80% of the total social value gains.

Simon Toplass, Pagabo CEO, said: “We like to set ourselves apart from the rest and achieve this through innovation including social value. It’s how we bring our frameworks to market and how we work with our suppliers to stay one step ahead.

“Creating the very best environment for our clients means they get the most out of what we offer. Our social value partnership with SPC is a great example of that differentiation.”

Mark Bolger, Social Profit Calculator CEO, added: “Through the partnership (with Pagabo) there is a joined up approach to public sector procurement which enables clients and suppliers to meet the legislative requirements of the Social Value Act 2012 by delivering value for money and real social value for people, communities and businesses.”


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