Planning granted on thousands of homes despite flood risks


New figures have revealed more than 1,200 homes have been granted planning permission over the past five years despite flood risks…

Flood risk warnings issued by the Environment Agency have in some cases been ignored, leading to more than 1,200 homes being granted planning permission over the past five years.

Figures from the government revealed each year hundreds of applications are objected to by the Environment Agency. While advice is mostly being taken by local planning authorities, there are concerns the number of homes being built in flood risk areas could be higher than the figures suggest.

According to the data during 2011/2012 there were 124 homes built against Environment Agency advice. This figure grew in 2012/13 to 508, declined in 2013/14 to 230, before remaining at 183 in the past two years.

This news is particularly problematic, as homes at risk of flooding constructed or converted into residential properties since January 2012 do not count towards securing partnership funding for flood protection schemes under current government rules.

Furthermore, it was suggested some developers are failing to take fully into account flood risks when drawing up plans.

Martin Tett, environment spokesman at the Local Government Association, said: “Local authorities throw out planning applications which are reckless and irresponsible.

“Councils are generally opposed to building property on floodplains and over 98 per cent of the 77,125 new homes in 2014/ 15 had planning outcomes in line with Environment Agency advice.

“Where building does take place on a floodplain, the local authority would need to be reassured that adequate defences were in place so that the risk of flooding would be minimised and that measures would be in place to prevent or minimise water from entering homes.”


  1. Building in “Flood Plains” is never allowed as far as I am aware, whereas building in “Flood Risk Areas” can be allowed – it depends on the level of risk and mitigation measurers. I feel we should get this distinction right so as not to scare the public


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