Plans for 700 homes in Bath approved


Councillors have unanimously approved plans to build new homes and community facilities in Bath, it has been announced…

The outline planning application for new homes in Bath has been approved by the local council.

The plans, which comprised of 700 new homes, open spaces, and community facilities were approved unanimously on Wednesday night.

The proposed location for the homes is a 48-acre plot, which was the location of a former Ministry of Defence site.

Planning was submitted to the local authority by housing and support organisation Curo. Before submitting the proposal, the company undertook a two year consultation period with local residents and stakeholders.

Chief Executive of the Curo Group Victor da Cunha said: “We are delighted that our outline proposals for Mulberry Park have been approved unanimously by Bath and North East Somerset.

“The opportunity of bringing much needed private and affordable homes, community facilities and fantastic open spaces to this area of Bath will now become a reality.”

In order to meet local demand for housing, Bath needs to build more than 12,000 new properties by 2029.

Da Cunha said the proposals for Mulberry Park would “effectively integrate the communities of Foxhill and Combe Down.”

He added: “Curo is part of the local community, we are committed to creating a beautiful residential quarter which council members, residents and the rest of Bath and North East Somerset can be part of.”

Curo continues to work with local residents and stakeholders to develop detailed proposals for the first phase of around 250 homes at Mulberry Park.

Ward councillor and Mayor of Bath, Cherry Beath, said: “The MoD arriving some 70 odd or more years ago had a huge impact on Bath providing a lot of economic growth to the city.

“I’m hoping we’re going to accept this master plan and if we do that we will be heralding another historic moment.”

Support for the plans also came from the chairman of the Foxhill Stakeholder Forum David Stubbs.

He said: “This development offers huge opportunities to improve the social and economic well-being of existing residents and we are looking forward to working with Curo to ensure the realisation of its vision to leave a positive social and economic legacy for future generations of Foxhill and Combe Down.”


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