Plans for a new housing development on the site of a former piggery on the outskirts of  Oswestry have been submitted to Shropshire Council.

The plans to build on the site of Old Piggery at Park Hall have been welcomed by developers, who described the site as an “unsightly commercial estate.” The site, which was once a thriving piggery business has recently been used for storage and distribution. The outline application was lodged with Shropshire Council planners by applicants CR and GM Woolam and Son.

The plans for the site are only in the early stages, meaning there is no indication in the bid outline how many houses would be built if planning is granted. However, developers state it would reflect the local housing need.

A statement in support of the application said: “The objectives of the development are to provide the community with a choice of attractive, good quality homes in a convenient and sustainable location and at the same time vastly improve the quality of life of local residents who currently live alongside an unsightly commercial estate that generates a considerable amount of commercial and domestic traffic.

“The planning application is for residential development on land at the rear of Park House at Park Hall near Oswestry.

“It is currently used for commercial and storage purposes and has a variety of buildings, structures and roadways on it which will be removed if planning permission is granted.

“It is an outline planning application with all matters except the access arrangement reserved for approval at a later date.

“As an outline application the numbers of houses to be built, their size, location and design are not yet known.

“However, they will be of a size and design that reflects housing and will be positioned so that the amenity and privacy of adjoining properties is not adversely affected in any way.”

The statement added: “The application site was originally a thriving agricultural piggery producing bacon and pork that was sold across the country.

“However, this use stopped when the pig market declined and for many years it has been used for storage and distribution and a variety of incidental commercial uses.

“The site is some 5.17 acres in area and includes a small disused paddock although most of it is covered in dilapidated buildings, hardcore, tarmac, and shipping containers.

“Importantly it is a brownfield site and redevelopment with housing will not only enhance the local environment but also improve the amenity of the many people who live close by.

“It will also offer a wide choice of high quality homes that will help to address the serious under provision in the county.

“The loss of the commercial buildings wll have no economic impact as the businesses operating from the site are often transient, they do not require specialist accommodation and can easily relocate without any adverse impact whatsoever.”

Shropshire Council will make a decision on the plans once the responses from the public consultation are returned. It is hoped the council will have an answer by the 24 July.

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  1. I note that a planning notice has been put up stating that 44 houses could be built at The Old Piggery, Park Hall. I do not have a problem with that, however, we do have a problem with the lack of footpaths on North Drive and the Burma Road and with the extra volume of traffic which would arise from these new houses, would make it even more dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists who use this road than it already is. We were promised footpaths when the Venue arrived, this has not happened.


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