Pocket Living secures planning permission for Pocket homes in Lambeth

Pocket homes in Lambeth

Pocket Living has received planning permission to deliver 35 one-bedroom Pocket homes in Lambeth for first-time buyers

Pocket Living aims is to help young middle-earning people living in London to own an affordable home with the delivery of 35 Pocket homes along Leigham Court Road, available exclusively to first-time buyers.

To be eligible for the scheme, buyers must either live or work in Lambeth and earn under the Mayor of London’s income threshold for affordable housing.

The properties will be available at a minimum of a 20% discount to the local market and purchasers own 100% of their property.

Located within walking distance of Streatham Hill Station, the car-free development, designed by Bell Phillips Architects, will offer a high-quality design in keeping with the surrounding architecture.

Making use of a previously underused area of open space, the proposals will occupy only 28% of the area, offering enhanced amenity space to residents, as well as biodiversity gains.

According to Pocket Living’s research, these discounted homes could price in up to 30,000 local key workers who would otherwise be unable to afford a home within the Borough.

‘Much-needed discounted homes’

Nick Cuff, chief commercial officer at Pocket Living, comments:

“The Borough of Lambeth has a rich history of successful urban infill development and we are delighted that we will be bringing much-needed discounted homes to Leigham Court Road.

“Over the last seven years, we have already provided 125 Pocket homes within the Borough and the delivery of Leigham Court Road will allow us to continue to provide high-quality apartments for first-time buyers looking to get their foot on the ladder in their local area.”

Tim Bell, director at Bell Phillips Architects, comments: “It is fantastic news that Leigham Court Road has been granted consent.

“The building will sit within a garden designed by BD Landscape Architects, and this greenery will permeate the building through the ground floor entrance courtyard and stair which is articulated to dapple sunlight.

“It will be a beautiful development to call home and we very much look forward to seeing it built.”


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