Aberdeen’s Queen Street transformation masterplan outlined


Queen Street,

A programme of works for an ambitious residential-led mixed use development on Queen Street in Aberdeen is to be developed this summer

Queen Street is viewed as an opportunity to deliver transformational placemaking and high-quality urbanism to complete the civic quarter of the city.

The development will incorporate key public services, cultural assets and high-quality public realm to support a core of contemporary urban living.

The Queen Street vision, being developed by planning officers, was shared with Aberdeen City Council’s Capital Programme Committee.

Committee convener Councillor Marie Boulton said: “Placemaking is critical to the success of our city centre.

“Queen Street redevelopment will progress the themes identified in the City Centre Masterplan and aims to create social infrastructure through city centre living, cultural and civic functions.

“These will be incorporated with accessible and efficient service delivery for the people of Aberdeen.

“Service demand design, co-location and consolidation of the city’s civic functions will ensure efficient delivery is a key driver in how we achieve this.”

Queen Street was described as an area where a diverse range of architectural heritage surrounds a core that lacks cohesion.

Historic assets like the Town House, Arts Centre and Marischal College create the drama and sense of place that as part of the vision needs to be balanced with quality public realm and complementary, but not competing, new architecture.

A full programme and emerging workstreams are currently being scoped. These will be defined in the coming weeks and be reported to the appropriate council committees.


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