NHS Scotland work to digitise the healthcare estate

Scotland’s healthcare estate

NHS Scotland, in collaboration with the Construction Innovation Hub, is working to accelerate the digitisation of Scotland’s healthcare estate

As one of the largest estates in the UK, NHS Scotland is transforming the way it manages data across the 14 territorial health boards and eight national health boards.

The new initiative brings forward positive change across the NHS Scotland estate from rural GP surgeries to state-of-the-art city hospitals, which both share the need to manage and access high-quality data across the system to allow for quality decision-making to be achieved.

Access to data allows the NHS to operate and achieve targets better, using the data around them to test and monitor their performance. It will also positively impact the environment and improve patient care and user experience.

Construction Innovation Hub have collaborated on an interactive framework for the design, build, and maintenance of NHS Scotland’s built assets.

Other collaborative work includes a newly published bespoke digital twin navigator as part of a series of navigators produced by the Hub to provide a framework for organisations to consider digital twinning into a project.

The new guide will help inform a clear digital twin strategy throughout the lifecycle of a build, and help to influence modelling and wider impacted networks.

‘Creating a digital and connected estate’

David Philp, impact director for the Construction Innovation Hub, said: “Through engagement with NHS Scotland Assure, we have been helping create a framework and tools to establish the high-level principles, methods and the target technology architecture needed to create a digital and connected estate.

“This work underpins the NHS Scotland drive towards a Digital Estate and an information led approach through Assurance and Improvement Management Systems (AIMS), their enterprise level common data environment (CDE).”

‘Digitising the Scottish Healthcare built environment at scale’

Louise Sykes, the senior digital estate and asset management advisor for NHS Scotland Assure, commented:  “The collaboration with the Construction Innovation Hub has been instrumental in assisting Health Boards with their digital transformation journeys.”

“We are now working together on further innovative developments, including a digital estate prioritisation tool. This will be rolled out and implemented as part of an ambition to digitise the Scottish Healthcare built environment at scale.”


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