Scotland’s Historic Environment launches new planning policy

Planning policy
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Historic Environment Scotland (HES) published its new Historic Environment Policy for Scotland (HEPS) which will be used by decision-makers in Scotland, the new planning policy will take effect from 1 May

HEPS sets out the principles of how the historic environment should be managed and looked after, and forms part of a range of documents that will help to guide and inform decision-makers in the Scottish planning system and land and asset management, such as local authorities and asset owners.

Barbara Cummins, Director of Heritage at HES said: “HEPS is the result of extensive consultation and peer review that has taken place over the past few years.

“When HES was created, we realised we had a unique opportunity to take a fundamental look at our approaches to designation, change management and how Scotland’s historic environment is preserved for current and future generations.

“This new policy sets out clearly the principles for the recognition, care, management and sustainable use of the historic environment and will help us to care collectively for our heritage.”

HEPS has been created in response to public and stakeholder views. As part of the ‘What’s Your Heritage?’ campaign – the first public consultation of its type for HES – members of the public across the country were asked what heritage meant to them and how they believed the historic environment should be looked after.

This is HES’ first strategic policy document with a focus on the whole of the historic environment and facilitates the delivery of Our Place in Time – Scotland’s historic environment strategy.

The new policy will be formally adopted on 1 May 2019 when it replaces Historic Environment Scotland Policy Statement (HESPS) and should be used for all decisions relating to the historic environment.

HEPS is being launched in conjunction with HES’ new Corporate Plan 2019 onwards ‘Heritage for All’.

To view the Historic Environment Policy for Scotland, click here.


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