Scottish government gives Edinburgh’s Local Development Plan feedback


The Scottish government has given feedback on Edinburgh’s Local Development Plan, which includes details on thousands of potential new homes for the city…

Feedback has been given on the City of Edinburgh Council’s proposed Local Development Plan (LDP). The report stated a number of recommendations, which were in response to unresolved representations from individuals and organisations seeking to change the plan.

The key recommendations include retaining all identified housing sites in the proposed plan; reviewing the plan to ensure a continuing five year housing supply is achievable; and keeping the original plan so further housing land release at a strategic level does not occur.

Convener of the planning committee Councillor Ian Perry said: “This report on Edinburgh’s Local Development Plan from the Scottish Government is generally supportive of our proposals.

“One of the key issues for Edinburgh is a shortage of housing and I am pleased that, while there is short term pressure on supply, the report states that overall there is sufficient land to deliver the housing the city needs.

“The council will work closely with landowners and developers to identify ways in which building programmes can be accelerated to address this short term issue.”

The recommendations put forward will now be considered by the Planning Committee on 5 September 2016, with the plan expecting to be fully adopted by the end of the year.


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