Muse secures sustainable office building at Talbot Gateway

sustainable office building

Muse Developments, alongside Blackpool Council, has secured a deal with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to deliver a sustainable office building, as part of the £350m Talbot Gateway scheme

The BREEAM ‘Excellent’ office building was designed by architects Make, to be an ultra-low energy development which promotes sustainable development and wellbeing.

An inclusive approach to sustainability was taken to make sure the building will be as energy-efficient as possible, with high levels of insulation and air source heat pumps to provide low-carbon heating and cooling.

Demand-driven ventilation will improve indoor air quality while allowing energy savings during periods of reduced occupancy.

During the scheme’s launch, partners completed early-stage whole life and upfront embodied carbon assessments, to eliminate inefficiencies where possible and reduce the building’s whole carbon footprint.

The sustainable office building aims to reduce its upfront embodied carbon intensity to 800 kgCO2e/m2, compared with 1100kgCO2e/m2 for typical office development.

‘Building back better’

Mike Horner, development director at Muse, said: “We’re looking forward to welcoming the DWP to Talbot Gateway with our latest sustainable building becoming its new home.

“This is a resounding endorsement of our collective commitment to bringing forward developments that offer tangible environmental and social outputs to benefit local communities.

“We’ve got some real forward momentum here at Talbot Gateway, as we work hard to build back better and further drive inward investment and opportunities right into the heart of the town.

“We’re focused with partners, as we repurpose and re-energise the town centre, by delivering developments that blend the town’s rich history with its aspirations for the future.

“We’re delighted to be playing an important role with the council in delivering the vision for building a better, more attractive and resilient Blackpool for the future.”

High-quality job opportunities for local residents’

Leader of Blackpool Council, Lynn Williams, added: “We have been working on our collective vision with partners Muse to introduce a new Fylde Coast Civil Service Hub for several years and we are thrilled that DWP share our vision and are committed to this long-term investment.

“The relocation of just over 3,000 employees will bring considerably more footfall into the area, with a massive boost to local businesses, retailers, restaurants and cafes, but also bringing new, high quality job opportunities for local residents.

“The Civil Service has been looking to combine and streamline its UK administrative functions into more modern, efficient, sustainable and fit-for-purpose Hubs, in line with the principles of their own 2020 Vision.

“Talbot Gateway, Blackpool’s Central Business District, offers an ideal location, being highly accessible, well located and supported by excellent transport links.

“The highly sustainable location and the long list of environmental credentials and innovative design associated with this building, will also have a positive contribution to our climate energy agenda and promote employee wellbeing.”


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