Crossrail: TfL accused of removing delay warnings

Sir Terry Morgan, Crossrail,

Sir Terry Morgan, former Chair of Crossrail, has claimed that Transport for London (TfL) deleted vital information about the project delay which was intended for mayor Sadiq Khan

Sir Terry Morgan told the London Assembly Transport Committee that he gave TfL a briefing note meant for the Mayor but they deleted a paragraph which said there would be insufficient time to complete testing.

Khan claimed he was not told of the delays until 29 August – two days before the announcement was made public.

However, Sir Terry Morgan said weekly TfL updates produced to inform the mayor on Crossrail’s progress had been “routinely” altered by the body.

Sir Terry was also adamant that he told Khan the project would be delayed on 26 July 2018. He added he does not suffer from memory loss, in response to the Mayor suggesting he had “misremembered” some details about the delay.

The London Assembly Transport Committee has summonsed further documents from TfL and Deputy Mayor for Transport, Heidi Alexander.

The Chair of the Transport Committee, Caroline Pidgeon MBE AM, said: “Despite the many revelations from Sir Terry Morgan today, there are still contradicting accounts of who knew what and when.

“It continues to be a very frustrating process getting to the bottom of the confusion, but Londoners have a right to know. Not only do we need to see Crossrail back on track and open for passengers, we also need to ensure lessons are learnt for the future.

“We look forward to receiving the document mentioned by the former Chair today and the further documents we have summonsed.”


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