Build UK calls on members to use British steel


Build UK has given support to the British steel industry, calling upon its members to use home-produced steel….

The British steel industry has faced monumental challenges over the past few weeks. Recently, the government published guidance encouraging contractors to use British steel on public sector contracts.

Now, Build UK has called upon its members to support the sector by also using home-produced steel on projects.

The organisation, which represents major contractors and specialist trade bodies, said its members were committed to providing opportunities for British-based steel producers.

Guidance from Build UK includes consideration of whether steel adheres to British quality standards, as well as all applicable European Directives and Regulations; compliance with a responsible sourcing scheme; positive environmental outcomes; and support for local employment and training opportunities.

EU procurement rules prevent public sector organisations involved in public sector projects from saying they will only buy British steel. This is because the rules stipulate member states must show fair and open competition. However, private sector organisations are able to show support unless they are buying on behalf of the public sector or for some private utilities covered by EU directives.


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