JCB launches new compact wheeled excavator


Plant equipment manufacturer JCB has launched a new compact wheeled excavator…

UK-based JCB has revealed a new compact wheeled excavator. The machine, which will be called the Hydradig, will be able to dig, lift, and load. It will be used for urban construction, highway maintenance, and municipal operations.

The Hydradig will deliver on five key areas: visibility, stability, mobility, manoeuvrability and serviceability.

The cab will give a 360° view, with visibility right down to each of its four wheels. The machine has a low centre of gravity, which allows stable lifting and faster travel speeds, reaching up to 40km/h when travelling between sites. Additionally, an all-wheel steer give it urban usability.

The machine can also be serviced from ground, which is safer for operators during maintenance.

Chairman Lord Bamford said: “Our team covered a wide range of disciplines and did a tremendous job in analysing what customers needed.

“We then handed the project to a group of innovators to come up with a solution that defied convention and they did a great job in translating the concept and all the ideas generated into a truly great machine.

“Hydradig will transform the industry and I am certain customers will quickly appreciate its benefits.”

Tim Burnhope, chief innovation and growth officer, said: “Customers told us that they need a single machine solution delivering unrivalled visibility, stability, manoeuvrability, mobility and serviceability.

“We knew the answer was to innovate, challenge the status quo and give customers solutions they never thought possible.

“With the JCB Hydradig we’ve succeeded in delivering against all five customer requirements in the 10-tonne sector.”


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