The Construction Products Association (CPA)


The Construction Products Association (CPA) is the leading organisation that represents and champions construction product manufacturers and suppliers

The construction products industry is made up of large multinationals, medium sized companies, SMEs and family-run businesses. The sector provides jobs for 382,500 people across 23,949 companies and has an annual turnover of more than £63b. The Construction Products Association (CPA) represents 85% of the industry by value.

Our industry accounts for 11.0% of total manufacturing turnover and 35.5% of total construction output. 75.1% of all construction products used in the UK are made in the UK.

The CPA represents, promotes and supports construction product manufacturers and suppliers. This vital UK sector defines our built environment, providing the products and materials needed for homes, offices, shops, road, railways, schools and hospitals.

At the CPA, we provide our members with unique expertise and support, including:

  • tracking and advising on government policies and regulations
  • engaging policy makers to develop effective, evidence-based policies and solutions
  • driving consensus with members and the wider construction industry on major issues
  • representing our members across industry-wide organisations and events
  • producing authoritative economic, technical and sustainability commentary and publications

Our Objectives


Improve the productivity, profitability and outcomes of our sector and the wider construction industry.


Drive the adoption of digital technologies and processes to make for a smarter, more efficient industry.


Advise government and manufacturers on solutions for lowering emissions and increasing resource efficiency.

Our Principles

  • We champion the interests of both a world-class construction industry and a competitive, high-performing UK manufacturing sector.
  • We represent the construction products industry as a whole. We are product neutral and support all materials equally.
  • We are non-partisan. We are open to a dialogue with all parties, including political, industry, academia and not-for-profit organisations.
  • We develop credible, practical solutions which are fact and evidence-based.
  • We believe in well-considered, effective regulations which are transparent, target-driven and provide long-term certainty.
  • We think innovation should be encouraged through performance-led rather than prescriptive, ‘tick-box’ procurement criteria.
  • We support formal, open standards which benefit all, and are accessible to all.
  • We are committed to ensuring that sustainability delivers the built environment the UK needs and underpins a successful manufacturing and distribution sector.