Solibri Model Checker (SMC) for construction solutions


Solibri Model Checker helps you find and visualise issues and problems before and during construction

Solibri was founded by a group of individuals who noticed the world was changing.  In 1999, 3D modelling was improving, usage growing and common standards were being formed. These standards allowed the introduction of quality checking in different industries. The founders had experience from the worlds of construction, chemical and aerospace. As designers could now create with digital tools, it made sense to offer supporting software to check the validity and quality of these designs.

Construction was the natural industry to focus upon. The fundamental challenges of money and material waste could be solved with Solibri’s new ideas. From this thinking came out of the box software to check and analyse construction designs. Solibri Model Checker (SMC) interrogates Building Information Models – offering 3D visualization and walk through functionality to reveal potential clashes, flaws and weaknesses.  You can share that information within the design and construction teams using SMC for resolution before you get to site. The same software allows you to quantify the amounts of building materials needed knowing the model is correct and a true representation of the reality and after construction provides easier maintenance information once the building is ready.

Solibri has customers in more than 80 countries. It is part of the Nemetschek Group and based in Helsinki, with offices in the US and UK. Solibri continues to work with AECO companies to save time, money and the environment.

Solibri Model Checker

Solibri Model Checker helps you find and visualize issues and problems before and during construction. It will also provide a wealth of information that can be taken off throughout the building’s life-cycle and utilized for needs that include area calculation, accessibility and building code compliance.

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Solibri Model Viewer

Solibri Model Viewer (SMV) is the software that everyone should use within the construction industry. It’s free to use and allows you to open all Standard IFC and Solibri Model Checker Files. Transparency is given on open issues and challenges. Share information to save time, money and resources. The software is reliable, easy to use and is compatible with Mac or PC platforms. It brings the value of BIM to everyone that needs it, the whole team can benefit from the ability to analyze, check and share design issues with your team.

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