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HS2 trials alternative fuels to cut carbon

The HS2 trial, carried out in partnership with Imperial College London and Balfour Beatty VINCI (BBV), measured tail-pipe emissions to determine the potential benefits of using alternative fuels when compared to red diesel.
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Mechanical ventilation’s role in improving indoor air quality

With concerns over indoor virus transmission and the health impacts of air pollution, as well as condensation, mould and overheating, ventilation has become a key concern in our buildings. Paul Williams of Domus Ventilation looks at how to improve indoor air quality.
Mechanical ventilation, ventilation systems

‘Mechanical ventilation cuts Covid risk by half’ compared to open windows

According to ventilation specialists, S&P UK, building ventilation systems reduce the spread of airborne diseases by half compared to natural ventilation for schools, offices, and hospitality venues
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Homeworking and condensation: Adapting to the “new normal”

The Property Care Association is advising people to consider making changes in spring and summer to their properties as many adapt to remote working for the long-term. James Berry, PCA technical manager, explains why.
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WHO campaigner supports BESA’s beginner’s guide to indoor air quality

A new beginners guide to improving indoor air quality (IAQ) has gained the support of one of the UK’s most prominent health campaigners.
Ventilating buildings

Stoping the spread: Ventilation has never been so important

The importance of ventilating buildings has never been more pertinent, but the engineering industry needs more scientific data to improve protection from viral infections.
Underfloor air conditioning

Underfloor air conditioning system wins ‘Retrofit Project of the Year’

Underfloor air conditioning specialist, AET Flexible Space, has won the ‘Retrofit Project of the Year’ at the H&V News Awards 2020.
Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality developments accelerated by Covid-19

The recent health crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic has brought the debate on Indoor Air Quality developments to the broader attention of the mainstream media, BSRIA explores its importance.

BAM’s FM team secures North Ayrshire Council contract

North Ayrshire Council has appointed BAM FM – part of BAM Construct UK – for a three-year contract to maintain and repair heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
mitie, low carbon footprint

Mitie reduces Vodafone’s carbon footprint

Mitie has helped Vodafone UK save 100-gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy in three years, the equivalent of 25,000 tonnes of CO2.
Air quality, Clean Air Day

BESA calls for focus on clean indoor air quality

In light of Clean Air Day, the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) says there should be more emphasis placed on the quality of air inside buildings.
Internet of Things,

The promise and benefits of IoT in the construction sector

Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere these days, with people referring to how they are planning for, talking about or developing for it. With...
office ventilation, Winter coronavirus

Covid-19: Concerns mount over office ventilation systems

Modern office ventilation systems could impact the spread of coronavirus this winter, according to property and construction consultancy, Ingleton Wood.
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Managing healthy humidity in a Covid world

Dave Marshall-George of Condair looks at how businesses can adhere to guidance on indoor humidity levels post-lockdown.
Underfloor air conditioning system,

Underfloor air conditioning system increases design freedom

An innovative underfloor air conditioning system from AET Flexible Space has allowed architects to highlight key architectural features in a new refurbishment in the heart of central London.
Indoor Environmental Quality,

Indoor Environmental Quality as a priority concern in buildings

BSRIA’s Microclimate Team leader, Dr Blanca Beato-Arribas, looks at the importance of Indoor Environmental Quality in the new age of wellbeing.
AET Flexible, Underfloor air conditioning

Underfloor air conditioning technology: The sustainable way to service space

Underfloor air conditioning has come of age. Worldwide, major developers are embracing this technology for its height-saving benefits in new builds, and headroom increases in refurbishments.

How can weather data enhance BEM and real-time building management?

Integrating weather data into smart building management systems can save energy, improve the indoor environment and reduce climate impact.
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Scientists urge WHO to review indoor air quality in wake of...

The World Health Organization (WHO) must take swift action to establish global guidance on indoor air quality to reduce the spread of airborne bacteria and viruses in buildings, urges a new petition.

Legionella warning issued for vacant buildings amid coronavirus

Building owners and managers must be vigilant over potentially fatal Legionella at buildings left vacant due to coronavirus, urges property and construction consultancy, Ingleton Wood.
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Indoor humidity regulations will reduce burden of COVID-19

As the UK sits in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, PBC Today speaks to Dr Stephanie Taylor on how public buildings can become a key mechanism for fighting the virus by managing air quality.
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Building services stay open to ‘help save lives’, says BEIS

Building services are providing a crucial service by ensuring buildings continue to operate during the ongoing pandemic and support essential operations such as the NHS and food suppliers, says the BEIS.
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Could modular homes be the answer to the social housing crisis?

In an exclusive interview with Gail Cook of GDHV and Dr Stephen Finnegan sustainable architecture lecturer at the University of Liverpool, we discover how trends in modular housing and the heating and ventilation sector could address the social housing crisis.
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Underfloor air conditioning system preserves historic London building

The restoration of Pennybank Chambers has used a unique underfloor air conditioning system to allow for contemporary office space to be built into the building’s original brick façade.
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Flexible underfloor air conditioning at One Benjamin

AET Flexible Space has provided a flexible and high-performing underfloor air conditioning system at the One Benjamin development in central London.
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Siemens helps Hallé orchestra cut energy use by 35%

Siemens is helping the Hallé orchestra’s new £4.3m St Peter’s extension cut costs by integrating a digital solution to reduce energy use by 35%.

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