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Good NABERS: How BRE is tackling climate change through collaboration

Meeting ambitious sustainability targets requires us all to pitch in, says Building Research Establishment chief executive Gillian Charlesworth.
BIM Today December 2020

BIM Today December 2020

Welcome to BIM Today December 2020. In this issue, we look at the key programmes, initiatives and organisations that have been helping to drive forward the digital transformation and modernisation of construction during this most challenging of years.
Construction software

Achilles and Causeway to develop streamlined supplier data system

Achilles Information, the global leader and partner of choice for supply chain risk and performance management, has announced a partnership with Causeway Technologies, the largest specialist construction software provider.
DT Hub, digital twins, built environment

Digital Twin Hub marks a successful first six months

The Centre for Digital Built Britain’s Digital Twin Hub (DT Hub) has signed up more than 700 members since it was launched in March. Find out more about this exciting, fast-growing community and how it can help you to accelerate your digital twin strategy.
Building technology

Reclaiming innovation: How to manage change amid industry tech growth

Embracing the impact of new and disruptive building technology in the construction industry means also managing the organisational change that comes with it.
AI in construction (AI, artificial construction)

Building the foundations for AI in construction

The use of big data and reliance on machine learning capability are becoming standard project control tools. Niru Sundararajah, a data scientist for Aecom’s Cost Intelligence Europe team, shares his perspective on how solid foundations for data management are crucial to successful analytical outcomes using AI in construction.
digital technology

Innovative design leads the way at University of Birmingham

Following its completion earlier this year, the University of Birmingham’s Teaching & Learning (T&L) Building has become a symbol of innovation and collaboration across the city.
Built environment, women in bim, bim

Women in BIM: Thoughts on the future of construction

Women in BIM core team members Rebecca De Cicco, director of Digital Node, Vicki Reynolds, chief information officer at i3PT Certification, and Dr Jenni Barrett, director at coLAB and senior lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, discuss what has impressed them the most in the past five years and what future technology trends they predict for 2021.
bim model, Virgin Hotel,

BIM blends the old and new in Edinburgh

Using a BIM model streamlines collaboration and provides benefits in the successful building design of the first Virgin Hotel in Europe The new Virgin Hotel...
smart city,

The smart city: Why the silo mindset will limit its full...

Jens Strinsjö of Axis Communications analyses the barriers to smart city innovation and why cybersecurity and sustainability will be critical to demonstrate long-term value.

BIM4Water in 2021: Planning the unplannable

The newly elected vice-chair of BIM4Water, Clare Kovacs and current chair Jamie Mills reflect on some of the developments made by the BIM4Water group over the year.
smart buildings

Smart buildings and wellbeing: Wearing your heart on your HVAC

How long before your building “knows” more about you than you do yourself? BSRIA’s Dr Michelle Agha-Hossein and Henry Lawson take a look.
Transport infrastructure

Driving innovation in transport infrastructure

The Intelligent Infrastructure Control Centre is a new cloud-based platform developed by the TIES Living Lab that aims to harness digital to radically change the way the UK designs, delivers and manages transport infrastructure.
3D scanning, 3D control, Imerso software

Automated scan-to-BIM inspection delivers green construction in Sweden

Construction project in one of the trendiest neighbourhoods of Stockholm invests in automatic 3D scanning tech to track progress and detect construction deviations in real-time.
project dispute

The power of documents in a construction project dispute

When it comes to project disputes, being able to access the correct records and information can be the difference between winning and losing. It is therefore crucial for businesses to document everything – and to ensure they can find it when it is needed.
3D laser scanning, Museum of Flight

Proof of concept: Digital twins take off at Museum of Flight

The Museum of Flight has explored the unlimited potential of 3D laser scanning with Datum Tech Solutions. Sean O’Keefe takes a look.
Quantity estimation, estimations

Digitising quantity estimation to win more projects

Dublin-based engineering contractor ClearTech has won 50% more jobs with enhanced estimation efficiency from BIM software
Structural engineering, Open BIM

Open BIM for structural engineering

Viktor Várkonyi, chief division officer and Nigel Rees, project lead at the Nemetschek Group, are challenging the status quo, explaining what the future holds for BIM and structural engineering.
Digital strategy, digital technology,

Engineering: From surviving to thriving with a digital strategy

Many of the businesses that have survived – and even thrived – in these extraordinary circumstances are organisations that have digital technology at their heart. Or, at least, a plan to put it there, says Sam Stephens, chief engineer at Atkins.
cloud technology, aec industry, allplan,

Cloud technology as the key to more efficiency in the AEC...

An interview with ALLPLAN’s CEO Detlef Schneider and Senior Vice President Product Management Kevin Lea.
built environment

Four Futures, One Choice: The construction industry in 2040

A new study examines four scenarios for how the construction sector and the built environment will look by 2040. Lead author Dr Didem Gürdür Broo discusses how the choices we make today can shape a better future.
Thermal bridging

How you could make sustainable buildings hot property

Simon Fielden, Sales Director at SFS UK, discusses what specifiers should consider in order to make building envelopes as thermally efficient as possible.
digital twins, twin technology

Digital twin: Cities and their digital doppelgangers

As cities around the world begin adopting digital twins, the AECO industry must examine how exactly they impact large-scale projects and how this impact will develop in the future.
Government Soft Landings, Building better, CIH

Government Soft Landings: Creating buildings that deliver for everyone

David Philp, digital impact director for the Construction Innovation Hub, highlights the benefits the Government Soft Landings (GSL) approach brings to improving performance and outcomes of our built assets to ensure they improve whole life value to users, owners and society at large.

How is BIM an enabler for digital processes?

Roy Danon, CEO and co-founder of Buildots explains why BIM is the single enabler for many modern technologies that are being developed for the sector, making it critical for companies to adopt BIM so they won’t fall behind in the race.

4D BIM visualises complex mining plant in Peru

Minsur uses 4D BIM to visualise and report on complex tailings reprocessing plant construction.

BIM Today December 2020