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UK BIM Level 2 – Help? – Help!

You might be wondering where to start with BIM and where you can get help and information, so I’m going to share with you a few resources that are free that you can access right now

BIMobject: The Data Conundrum in BIM

BIM objects are developed and these geometric objects have data embedded and structured for COBie purposes, but what happens with any changes?

The new BIM Bom(b)

Jan Phelps, Principal and IWMS Advocate for Terminal Velocity FM hails the popularity and benefits of BIM for the FM community and asks whether it should be called BOM (Building Operations Modeling)

BIM: Integrating Environmental Intelligence at Landmark

Next month sees the arrival of the deadline for the mandated adoption of BIM Level 2 for all centrally procured projects. I read a great statement from RICS, which I felt really summed up just what BIM Level 2 represents
BGScivils data product

BGScivils data products: Putting the subsurface into BIM

Kate Royse and Russell Lawley at the British Geological Survey details how the new BGScivils data product will help put the subsurface into BIM

Archaeology, BIM and large-infrastructure (part 2)

In this article, we discuss the remaining two phases of archaeological works undertaken during construction: evaluation of the potential archaeology within the scheme, and finally, mitigation and monitoring during construction, and look at how they can contribute to the BIM
in BIM

There’s No “I” in BIM

Jason Whittall, Director of Architecture & BIM for One Creative Environments Ltd argues that the ‘I’ in BIM needs to be taken seriously if the true benefits of BIM will ever be realised
Terence O’Rourke

Multi-disciplinary BIM at Terence O’Rourke

Terence O’Rourke is a multi-disciplinary consultancy, based in London and Bournemouth, providing planning, environment consultancy and architectural services

The landscape of BIM

Mike Shilton, Chair of the Landscape Institute BIM Working Group details how the landscape sector will become BIM Level 2 compliant and how they can aid the process

2016: The beginning of the end of BIM?

Jon Frost, BIM Leader for BWB Consulting and BIM4SME Leadership Team Member summarises the history of how BIM came into being, and crucially, where he believes it will take the construction industry

Security in the BIM world

Anthony Burd Head of Sector – Construction, and Kieran Parkinson, Market Development Manager for the Built Environment at BSI, outline best practice for managing security when utilising BIM

Graphisoft and BIM: Starting with the Design

Many say BIM is a process or BIM is nothing more than the collection of all building data organised into a structure database easy to query both in a “visual” and a “numerical” way. It is safe to say that BIM involves all of the above and much more

2016 and the adoption of BIM Level 2

Hinesh Mistry, Water Global Technology Leader – BIM at CH2M HILL explains why he is confident that the UK construction industry is meeting BIM...

Lloyd’s Register: Are You BIM Ready?

The UK Government’s deadline for the construction sector to prequalify for participation in public sector construction programmes, by being BIM Ready by April 2016, is nearly upon us

Concurrency for BIM

Having recently published volume one of its BIM Digest, which offers a comprehensive guide to BIM through the views, opinions and observations of leading market professionals, Stephan Jones, Segment Manager at Trimble company, Amtech, outlines the benefits of concurrency for BIM
digital construction

European BIM for a world-class digital construction sector

The newly formed EU BIM Task Group outline how they aim to achieve a common and aligned European approach to develop a world-class digital construction sector

Guardian Glass: A Guardian for BIM

“Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the next generation of digital representation for architectural projects,” says Lance Altizer, Marketing Director for Guardian Europe
level 2

The specialist contractor – BIM ready?

Joe Cilia, Technical Manager at FIS considers whether specialist contractors are ready for the government’s mandating of level 2 BIM on centrally procured projects by April 2016

BIM Today February 2016

BIM Today February 2016 Articles