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Queen’s Wharf Brisbane, BIM software,

Cottee Parker goes paperless on Queen’s Wharf Brisbane

Cottee Parker uses BIM software, Bluebeam Revu to mimic its paper-based workflow and cut the documentation process on its Queen’s Wharf Brisbane project.

Reconstructing a water treatment centre with Shared VR

Wessex Water and AECOM used Shared VR to improve teamwork and save costs, working on a £50m project to reconstruct the Durleigh Water Treatment Centre in the UK.
BIM Today June 2020

BIM Today June 2020

In the June edition of BIM Today, with the UK still in lockdown due to Covid-19, this issue takes a look forward to a future hopefully not too far away as we return to some kind of normal.

Collaboration is key: How Bimplus helps

Ineffective communication, planning and collaboration often result in construction projects that are delivered late, over budget and to inadequate quality standards. To overcome these challenges, the construction industry must find ways of working that allow them to deliver safe, fit-for-purpose projects faster and with fewer resources.
Hospital Nova, BIM,

New hospital in Finland uses BIM to involve staff in design...

The new Hospital Nova in Finland has used BIM models and VR to involve over 350 staff in the building design.
AEC Delta Mobility, data sharing,

Setting a new industry standard for data sharing

The Innovate UK-funded AEC Delta Mobility project is nearing completion of a new industry standard for data sharing.
Gen Covid-19,

Gen Covid-19, construction and the new normal

John Eynon discusses the "Gen Covid-19" world in three acts – exeunt left with biting irony and cynicism… Snow, rain, hail, earthquake.
Approach to value, construction,

Construction, Covid-19 and forging a new understanding of value

Ron Lang of the Construction Innovation Hub says the sector’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic must herald a permanent shift in construction’s approach to value.
big data, artificial intelligence,

How construction firms can capitalise on their data

You have data – here’s what to do with it, says Karthik Venkatasubramanian, vice-president of data and analytics at Oracle Construction & Engineering.
digital processes, Autodesk

Improving construction’s resilience for the post-pandemic world

Mike Pettinella, EMEA director of Autodesk Construction Solutions, says embracing digital transformation can boost productivity right now, and benefit firms in the long term.
Carbon emissions, climate change, climate emergency

Digital buy-in needed to address climate emergency

How can construction mitigate carbon emissions, address climate change and close the building performance gap? The answer could be to go digital, says Peter Barker, managing director of BIM Academy.
DT Hub (digital twin community), digital twins

DT Hub: Bringing together the digital twin community

Following the official launch of the Centre for Digital Built Britain’s Digital Twin Hub, Samuel Chorlton, chair of the DT Hub, considers the competencies, skills and cultural changes integral to the successful adoption of digital twins.

How can weather data enhance BEM and real-time building management?

Integrating weather data into smart building management systems can save energy, improve the indoor environment and reduce climate impact.
Laser scanning,

3D laser scans reveal everything

Today’s laser scanning equipment can provide a complete digital image of any structure – top to bottom; slabs to columns; before, during and after construction.
Building information modelling, Dearney School,

Improving Lives through BIM: Deanery School

Building Information Modelling was at the heart of the construction of the 1,600-pupil Deanery School in Swindon, built as part of the government’s Transforming Construction Strategy.
Digital twins, light rail,

Digital twins prove game-changer for Bergen’s light rail extension

Digital twins and advanced BIM processes helped 18 disciplines across five different countries to coordinate a new light rail extension in Bergen, Norway, while reducing costs and cutting construction errors by 25%.
meteorologist, construction,

Construction and weather: Are we asking the right questions?

Are we asking the right weather-related questions - and can we trust the answers? Shaun Pammenter MSc, meteorologist at MetSwift, takes a look.
Building envelope, energy efficiency,

Energy conundrum: Securing futures through the building envelope

As the pressure mounts on the construction industry to achieve zero-carbon buildings, Vincent Matthews, head of UK marketing at SFS, explores how the building envelope can help to reduce energy usage and enhance a building’s lifespan.
aerial photography,

Using aerial photography and AI to classify buildings

A new joint venture between the University of Leicester and Bluesky International will harness aerial photography and AI to develop new geospatial data products.

BIM Today June 2020