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DCW connect fringe, Digital construction week

Highlights from DCW Connect fringe series 2021

Last month Digital Construction Week hosted DCW Connect fringe series, a free virtual event for the construction industry that featured a five-week campaign of online activity focused on innovation and technology in the built environment.
Digital construction

Digital construction – on a shoestring

While the benefits of digitalisation for construction are widely acknowledged. Professor Duncan McFarlane, presents a different approach demonstrating how digital can work for everyone.
Drone technology, Phoenix Programme

A roadmap to commercialising drone technology

Robert Garbett, founder of Drone Major Group and chairman of the Drone Delivery Group, discusses the development of the Phoenix Programme and industry-led efforts to accelerate commercially viable, scalable and environmentally sound drone services for the UK.
Construction manager skills, digital learning

Upskilling to accelerate digital adoption in construction

The newly launched Digital learning platform on the Supply Chain Sustainability School supports the modernisation of digital technology within the industry by upskilling managers working in the construction sector.

Making a foray into AI for applications in the AEC industry

How can Artificial Intelligence change and improve the architecture, engineering and construction sector?
Digital twin, BIM

Developments in digital twins

Craig Evenden, head of architecture, engineering, construction & BIM at Esri UK, examines the current state of digital twins and what the future holds.
Project management software

Powerproject: The planning force behind Mace Group’s success

To be the best in your field, your performance needs to be underpinned by market-leading technology. And UK Construction Manager of the Year, Frank Connolly of Mace Group, chooses project management software, Powerproject by Elecosoft to run his award-winning programmes.
water sector innovation,

£40m Breakthrough Challenge: Driving innovation in the water sector

The first round of the £40m Water Breakthrough Challenge has opened for entries, inviting innovations that can drive far-reaching benefits.
smart building, artificial intelligence,

Artificial Intelligence: A game-changer for smarter, safer buildings?

Over the past decade, we have grown used to hearing of smart buildings and smart devices without there necessarily being any agreed definition of what they mean – the BSRIA explores why
Digital twin golden thread (industry 4.0, digital twins)

Digital twins: Weaving the golden thread

The rise of Industry 4.0 is revolutionising how we interact with technology, machines and the world around us.
JCT construction playbook

JCT Contracts and the Construction Playbook – new analysis available

Following the publication of the Construction Playbook by the government in December, JCT has made available an article, JCT Contracts meeting the objectives of the Construction Playbook, which provides an analysis on how users wishing to comply with the Playbook’s objectives can do so within the current JCT suite of contracts.

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