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cold roll-formed steel

Adding value to cold roll-formed steel for construction and manufacturing

voestalpine Metsec plc is the UK’s largest specialist in cold roll-formed steel, providing products for the construction and manufacturing industries
PAS 170

A new security standard to protect people and places

Government organisations are increasing their emphasis on protecting highly populated urban areas and infrastructure from different types of vehicle attack with physical perimeter security. Jaz Vilkhu, Marshalls’ Managing Director of Landscape Protection, argues that for the first time, the new PAS 170 standard will offer assured products to secure against criminal threats and accidental impacts
Asset tagging strategy

Using BIM to define criticality, vulnerability and risk

Iain Miskimmin of Bentley Systems explains the value of an asset tagging strategy in assessing criticality, vulnerability and risk to ultimately inform better decision making.
Construction industry

Why technology is the key to inspiring the industry’s next generation

More than anything else, we have come to associate the younger generations with technology – be it smartphones, social media or video games. When we look ahead to the next generation of construction industry leaders, we therefore need more than anything to capitalise on young people’s interest in tech, says Nick Conway of ITC Concepts.
BIM project

BIM: The elephant in the room

A lot of people say they ‘do’ BIM. But what does that really mean? Niraj Mistry, senior BIM assessor at Stroma Certification, says BIM is actually about joining the dots through engagement and collaboration.
smart cities

Building smart cities

Smart cities that harness data to improve the lives of citizens are no longer a far-off vision – they are a reality. Susie Tomson, Sustainability Director at PCSG, discusses their emergence – and a new initiative to create a blueprint for smart cities around the globe
Scotland innovation centre

How the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre is helping companies adopt BIM

The Construction Scotland Innovation Centre provides a wide range of support to help businesses through their BIM journey. Skills and training manager Lisa Deane discusses what’s on offer.
3D printed house

EU’s first 3D printed house points the way to a more...

The first concrete 3D printed house in the EU has been revealed in Milan as part of the Salone del Mobile 2018. Guglielmo Carra, Europe materials consulting lead at Arup, takes a look at this groundbreaking project.
Use of BIM

Why BIM is here to stay

April marked the two-year anniversary of BIM Level 2 mandate, yet industry reports suggest that the adoption of BIM remains slow. However, Lucy Abbott, BIM director of Wates Group, believes the benefits of BIM for design teams, clients and end users mean it is here to stay
4G Wan Solutions

Delivering fast, reliable connectivity to temporary sites using 4G WAN solutions

Hubert Da Costa, VP EMEA at Cradlepoint, explains how leading industrial services provider Bilfinger uses 4G WAN technology to bring short-term sites online quickly and reliably

Digitalisation holds key to £575m savings for housebuilders

Stewart Dalgarno, director of product development at Stewart Milne Group, discusses how utilising digital technologies in the design and build process can bring added value and yield savings for UK housebuilders
BIM project

How to engage in a BIM project

There is much rhetoric surrounding BIM and this only seeks to add curiosity and confusion in equal measures. This prompts many people to ask: “How do I engage in a BIM project?” Mike Shilton, chair of the Landscape Institute Digital Practice Group, addresses this rather loaded question
BIM Alliance

UK BIM Alliance: The end of the beginning!

The UK BIM Alliance was launched in October 2016 to unite the industry around the BIM Level 2 agenda, fuelled by hope, faith, the need for leadership and a voice – and a passion for a digitally transformed industry. Founding board member and engagement lead John Eynon looks back at its progress
BIM Today

BIM Today May 2018

Welcome to the May 2018 edition of BIM Today. In this issue, May Winfield and Sarah Rock, the authors of the landmark Winfield Rock Report on legal and contractual issues in BIM, discuss their findings; John Eynon looks back at the evolution of the UK BIM Alliance; and David Philp of i3 by Aecom examines the value of dashboarding in gaining insight from construction data
Product data

Getting into the DNA of product data

With the availability of concise and easily applied data consistently being identified as a stumbling block in the widespread adoption of BIM, Alex Small, BIM and digital platforms manager at Tata Steel, discusses a more streamlined approach to sharing product information
Building services

BIM and building services: You’re doing it wrong

How many buildings are suffering from inefficient performance and unnecessary costs because they rely on design preconceptions rather than actually analysing how key systems and building services work? Carl Collins of CIBSE and MagiCAD’s Rob Harmer examine what’s going wrong
Planning software

Case study: TILOS helps Thames Tideway teams to visualise and integrate...

TILOS is playing a key role in the delivery of the Thames Tideway super-sewer, the largest-ever infrastructure project undertaken by the UK water industry
Construction data

Better storytelling with construction data and analytics

“Hey data! Is my project on schedule?” Data science is becoming a key characteristic of competitive advantage for construction organisations. However, turning data into information, and then into meaningful insight, can be a real challenge. David Philp of i3 by AECOM takes a look
City spaces

The rise of software cities

The technology we use is changing the way we sculpt our cities. Peter Debney of Oasys considers how software has been used in the planning process of city spaces
Winfield Rock report

The Winfield Rock Report on BIM: Help your legal advisers help...

The Winfield Rock Report, published in cooperation with the UK BIM Alliance, examines understanding of the legal and contractual issues surrounding BIM and aims to provide clarity so all parties know where they stand. Authors May Winfield and Sarah Rock discuss its key points
3D printing

Reinventing the home: Designing the world’s first freeform 3D printed house

A project in Tennessee is testing a “revolutionary” design to reinvent the modern home using 3D printing technology
mobile digital solutions

Intuitive mobile digital solutions play a vital part in digital transformation

Intuitivity, mobility and digital transformation are critical dimensions of our world today. In an interview, Benoît Jeannin, Script&Go’s founder and CEO, calls for deeper consideration of the need for digital transformation
construction supply chain

SFS ushers in new era of technical training and support for...

Known in the industry for providing excellent technical support for building specification professionals, designers, installers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), SFS, the market-leading fastening systems manufacturer, continues to enhance its technical support to the industry and provide collaborative support to its partners. David Wigglesworth, MD of SFS UK, explains its strategy
3D Models

2D to 3D Models: Entering the Third Dimension

As you’ve likely heard or read, the construction industry is in a state of transformation: from flat to fat; from two to three dimensions
Environmental risk

Uncovering hidden risks: Environmental risk assessments

With more developments taking place on brownfield sites, environmental risk assessments are becoming increasingly important to ensure schemes avoid potentially nasty surprises. Chris Loaring, Head of Consultancy at Argyll Environmental, takes a look
Construction verification

Construction Verification Grows Up…

The use of 3D BIM models constantly updated by multiple sources of data are becoming increasingly common in construction – but how do we ensure the finished article matches its as-designed “digital twin”? FARO’s Vito Marone discusses state-of-the-art construction verification techniques

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