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Elecosoft, public sector standards

The challenge of managing public sector standards at scale

The complexity of keeping standards consistent when you’re responsible for any public service is difficult but managing public sector standards at scale is an enormous challenge.
Digital twins, construction, BIM

What are digital twins?

Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and now the preeminent trend of 2019 – digital twins. How can we make sense of all these buzzwords?
project delivery, bluebeam Revu,

Revu for reviews: Arup goes digital for project delivery

Bluebeam’s Revu has helped Arup improve collaboration and move towards a paperless future.
construction industry, Brexit, Survey,

The Construction Industry Brexit Survey: The results

We release the results of PBC Today's 'The Construction Industry Brexit Survey', as fewer than one in 10 respondents declared themselves highly confident in their outlook post-Brexit.

Digital transformation: Does the emperor really have any new clothes at...

John Eynon ponders the nature of reality, life imitating art and embracing change in an ever-changing digital world.
digital adoption

Communication breakdown in construction projects

Stuart Bell looks at some of the common issues surrounding poor information management and sets out some simple steps to encourage adoption.
Structural health monitoring, heritage asset,

Structural health monitoring to improve decision-making for masonry arch bridges

Sam Cocking, a PhD student at the CSIC working under the supervision of Prof Matthew DeJong, reports on a structural health monitoring.
BIM Today September, Construction Industry Brexit Survey,

BIM Today September 2019

In September's BIM Today, we reveal the results of the Construction Industry Brexit Survey, a major poll of our readers to gauge the confidence of the AEC sector once the UK leaves the European Union.
ALLPLAN 2019, BIM solution,

Latest version of ALLPLAN BIM software receives update

The ALLPLAN 2019 BIM solution for architects and engineers in building and infrastructure was updated recently.
One Smithfield Square, benefits of BIM,

Complex structure benefits from BIM

The benefits of BIM have been exploited to the full in the design and construction of a mixed-use building at the One Smithfield Square regeneration project.
Smart city, smart revolution, Smart buildings, Axis

Planning and building the secure smart city

Steven Kenny, industry liaison, architecture and engineering at Axis Communications, discusses the challenges of the smart revolution and the innovation that is needed to create a smarter, safer world.
building model, building information, BIM, Bricsys,

Adding information to a BIM is hard… Bricsys makes it easy

Consistent level of development in BIM is difficult to achieve. Bricsys has applied machine learning to BIM workflows to simplify and facilitate the creation of high-fidelity building models.
Collaborative Delivery Framework, Ayo Sokale,

Collaboration, challenges and making BIM “sexy”

BIM lead for the Environment Agency, Ayo Sokale, shares how its new Collaborative Delivery Framework is adopting BIM as business as usual.
G-Cloud, public sector procurement,

How the G-Cloud enables change in public sector procurement

John Ketteley, executive chairman of Elecosoft, considers how the government’s digital marketplace is enabling vital change in public sector procurement beyond the build and into a sustainable future.
Kim Chuan Depot, Bentley

Singapore Land Transport Authority expand Kim Chuan Depot

Delivering the designs for a major expansion of an underground rail depot required the breaking down of information silos and the streamlining of processes to meet a tight deadline.
5G, construction worksites, Oracle Construction & Engineering

Building for the future: How 5G will transform construction worksites

Excitement is growing around 5G and the far-reaching impact it will have on the business world and on the construction world in particular. Burcin Kaplanoglu, executive director and innovation officer at Oracle Construction & Engineering, takes a look.
BIM and JCT Contracts,

JCT releases new practice note – BIM and JCT Contracts

JCT has released its latest practice note, BIM and JCT Contracts, providing up-to-date guidance for using JCT contracts on construction projects where BIM is to be used.
MEP contractor, BIM, 3D models

Five reasons BIM is no longer enough for the MEP contractor

With an ever-rising pressure to evolve beyond BIM, sticking with the status quo is not an option for MEP contractors.
Decarbonisation, digital twin, built environment

Driving decarbonisation using digital twins

How can digital twins help in the race towards decarbonisation?
Smart technology,

The advantages of using smart technology in commercial buildings

Frankie Bryon, senior sustainability surveyor at Lambert Smith Hampton, discusses why smart technology can help buildings improve on sustainability as well as introduce other benefits such as promoting health and wellbeing and enabling agile working.
Metswift, BIM software, Artificial Intelligence,

Artificial intelligence meets weather: Time for change

Construction weather and natural climate insight will change. Don’t get left out in the cold – BIM software can hot up via AI.
FARO Solutions, FARO TracerSI, built environment

How can FARO solutions assist the industry shift to prefabrication?

FARO's Udo Haedicke looks at the methods companies of all sizes can use to adopt prefabrication processes, what it means for people and the technology driving it.
climate data, Met office,

The integration of weather and climate data across the construction lifecycle

Integrating accurate weather and climate data into BIM can cut costs for construction projects in the planning and development stage, as well as mitigating the longer-term climate challenges of tomorrow.
Drone technology, reality capture, construction

Shaping construction with drone digital/reality capture technology

Ian Tansey of ProDroneWorx discusses how digital/reality capture outputs from drone technology revolutionised the management of a construction project.
Modern methods of construction, MMC, Burges Salmon

Modern Methods of Construction in a reordered world

Law firm Burges Salmon looks at how the perfect storm of sector restructure and the advance of Modern Methods of Construction will combine to reshape construction procurement in 2025 and beyond.
Advanced manufacturing, BRE, built environment

Accelerating the implementation of advanced manufacturing techniques

Martin Ganley, BRE programme director for the CIH, offers reflections on a roundtable looking at advanced manufacturing techniques in the built environment.

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